Gatwick Express Tracks

July 20, 2012

I love the idea of Gatwick Express Tracks, it’s a site that takes you on a musical journey from Victoria all the way through to Gatwick on the Gatwick Express (unsurprisingly!).

The idea is to make the city > airport journey a whole lot more interesting, by providing an exclusive 30 minute Express Track inspired by the journey, when you buy your ticket online.

The site itself, created by VCCP, has a nice user controlled animation that replicates the journey, and along the way you get to chill out and listen to sample tracks.

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They are watching: Sensors Are Out There

July 18, 2012

Sensors Are About To Disrupt Your Industry.

In a recent Fast Company articleBruce Kasanoff & Michael Hinshaw explore, and shed a future light on, the–some might say–dark world of wireless sensors and their use in today’s data obsessed world.

It’s a great read, and one that could, I’m sure will, impact all our lives in the none to distant future.

Wireless sensors are starting to unleash a wave of disruptive innovation that will bring with it immense entrepreneurial opportunities.

They write…

There will be more wireless sensors in our world–by far–than there are smartphones, dumb phones, tablets, laptops and PCs combined. Billions upon billions today–and trillions tomorrow.

They will give us superhuman senses: to see “through” walls, to “hear” sounds many miles away, to “know” things we never could have known before.

No matter the size of your company, the ability to look at this new sensor-enabled world through the eyes of an entrepreneur is the price of admission. Already, thousands of startups around the world are laser-focused on implementing new business models that disrupt the status quo…

In there book: Smart Customers, Stupid Companies: they write…

Today, digital sensors can: monitor your tire pressure and avoid dangerous blowouts; analyze the gait of elderly citizens and warn of falls before they occur; follow the gaze of shoppers and identify which products they examine – but don’t buy – in a store; monitor which pages readers of a magazine read or skip; float in the air over a factory and independently monitor the plant’s emissions; detect impacts in the helmet of an athlete and make it impossible for them to hide potential serious blows to their brains; reveal when a dishwasher, refrigerator, computer, bridge, or dam is about to fail; trigger a different promotion as a new customer walks by a message board; analyze the duration and quality of your sleep; warn drivers that they are about to fall asleep; prevent intoxicated drivers from operating a motor vehicle; warn a person before he or she has a heart attack; detect wasted energy in both homes and commercial buildings; warn a parent or boss when anger is creeping into their voice, to help prevent them from saying or doing things they will later regret; tell waiting customers how far away the pizza delivery guy is from their house; analyze the movements of employees through a factory to detect wasted time and efforts; trigger product demonstrations or interactive manuals when a customer picks up or examines a product; congratulate an athlete when she swings a tennis racquet properly or achieves an efficient stride while running. What can they do tomorrow?

So where will all this take, and do we fully understand or even care about the impact this technology will have on our lives?

One thing’s for sure, it would be naïve to expect that none of the many bright, well-educated entrepreneurs out there are targeting your industry. Sensors are one reason you should think like a startup, or else.

Read: Sensors Are About To Disrupt Your Industry

The Ad Agency Bloodline

July 16, 2012

Ever considered how the worlds top agencies are interconnected? The Ad Agency Bloodline infographic links them all up. It’s an interesting browse, and highlights the fact that great swathes of the creative world is really controlled by just a handful of major corporates. But is that a good thing?

It’s a big infographic, for a big subject, so check it out – here.

Fancy a Dom?

July 12, 2012

100% Flash free, Sid Lee and Random Studio get somewhat experimental with their new site for Dom Pérignon.

It’s an interesting site, and one well worth checking out, even if it’s just to see what’s going to be (I’m sure) the next iteration of the creative use of HTML5. The site takes on an experiential feel when you’re interacting with it – and literally unfolds before your eyes!

It’s possible not the most obvious site to navigate, but I guess that’s the point. It really does deliver a sophisticated, refined and quality experience. 100% Flash free – 100% on brand.

Adidas Take The Stage – Britain Be Great

July 6, 2012
YouTube Preview Image

The latest ad in Adidas’ expansive Take the Stage campaign (created by SidLee) is an adrenaline-boosting Great Britain pridefest that’s more than contagious, it make (us Brits) believe.

Building on their last ‘Take The Stage’ ad, featuring Wretch 32, this one is certainly packed full of passion, crammed with character and brimming with British hope. Britain Be Great – Britain Is Great – It Is – Now I Believe.

Got my tickets, now I’m actually looking forward to it! #Olympics.

The Shard

July 5, 2012

Today sees the inauguration of a new towering addition to the London skyline – The Shard. The impressive structure, designed by Renzo Piano is not only the highest point in the City of London, it also stands as the tallest building in Europe.

Possible it does also stand as a symbol of corporate arrogance, or maybe it’s a genuine trophy of the success of the City. One thing is for sure – The Shard is now well and truly on the map.

An ad is for life not just the media run

July 4, 2012
YouTube Preview Image

I have to confess I’d not seen ‘Lamp’ before, I know – sorry! I stumbled across it after reading a (worth browsing) insightful article by CP+B’s Andrew Keller on Fast Company.

Lamp was released in September 2002 to promote IKEA in the US. Watching it just made me think (perhaps in contrast to the sentiment of the ad itself), a great ad is still a great ad, and can still be fresh even after 10 years, if you’ve never seen it before. And Lamp is a great ad.

Yes, there has been massive cultural shifts in the last decade, and in brand communications perhaps more that most, but people are still people, they still have emotions and feelings – tapping into those senses in a clever way, and mixing in a little humor, is still going to be a winner not matter what the channel. Creativity creates conversation.

That’s what CP+B achieved with Lamp – and it’s still impressive work.

UNIQLO generate interest in Pinterest

July 2, 2012
YouTube Preview Image

So Pinterest have been doing a good job of generating interest in their growing social network of late, and there’s been plenty of talk about how brands can capitalise on the platform’s current popularity. But, until now, I’ve not seen a really create campaign directed specifically at the network.

Uniqlo always seem to make a habit of ‘being there’ when interesting use of digital media gets mentioned, and with this campaign they’ve done it again. Working with Firstborn, they’ve developed a visual campaign on Pinterest that just feels very creative, and has certainly caught the attention of the wider web (Mashable).

Using more than 100 shell accounts, a team of more than a dozen simultaneously pinned rows of long graphics in a five-category takeover. As users scrolled, the graphics appeared animated in the style of an old film strip.

It’s a great idea, and the “don’t advertise on out network” warnings are probably outstripped by being the first to do it. And, as a bonus, it’s nicely crafted – so that makes it alright (this time!).

A bridge too far?

June 25, 2012

Band of Bridges is a simple but smart little campaign site celebrating the 75th anniversary of the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge. The aim is to create the mother of all bridges, a construction that will span our entire globe. The tools: Google Maps and people’s favorite elevated crossings.

I’ve bagged Worcester bridge, go get yours at Band of Bridges.

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The human side to technology: Google Street View Trekker

June 21, 2012
YouTube Preview Image

Google Street View is amazing. It’s amazing because it seems so natural and such an obvious extension to those old digitally impersonal maps.

It’s even more amazing when you think about the technology behind those useful images. Now that Google Street View has gone into the wild, that technology includes a bloke with a big rucksack – the Street View Trekker.

Street View Trekkers solve the problem of inaccessibility by wondering about in the wild, enabling Google to photograph the beautiful places they want us all to experience, such as the Grand Canyon or Muir Woods, so we can explore them right from their desktop. Nice job if you can get it.

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