The world is your canvas

October 20, 2010

Why be restricted to the confines of a screen when you could think bigger? – much bigger.

Continuing my exploration of digital media’s leap from the screen into our physical world, we’re starting to see more and more innovative work being produced for a canvas far beyond the confines of a controlling screen.

Take for example this ‘installation’ – The LightLine of Gotham – created as an art piece, but to promote the new Honda CR-Z, by the highly talented Seeper.

Seeper is an arts and technology collective. Founded in 1998 seeper’s nucleus is the pursuit of essence. Exploring natural user interaction and ubiquitous computing to create multi-sensory experiences and memories.

Some will say it’s “just art”, others will say it’s true sensory branding in the physical. I believe it’s yet another example of our need to push new boundaries, to find new ways to express the deep emotions created by the digital experience, and a need to transform the once personal into a unifying visual event.

What is true, is that digital is truly coming of age, finding its feet and stomping all over our physical world. The future’s bright, the future’s neon.

Scan it an see

October 19, 2010


OakleyView for iPhone and iPad

October 16, 2010

Clever marketeers are always looking for opportunities to market their brands. Brilliant ones see those ‘golden’ opportunities in global events.

A Good News Story

Having just sat glued to my TV set watching, with a shared delight, the recently recovery of the trapped Chilean miners, I thought to myself, this really is a good news story.

These events really don’t come around too often. It’s a sad fact that normally when this type of event is reported (to a global audience), it’s to report that ‘x’ amount of people died in a horrible accident. We get a quick glimpse of the grieving families, and carry on with our lives – it’s just the way we’ve been conditioned.

So, it was really great to watch a good news story. And I really do think that as a race we all shared, at least, a little smile at this event. Sometimes human graft is rewarded with a positive outcome.

But how did you turn a good news story into a good brand opportunity?… With a smart idea… (more…)

Silky smooth transitions

October 14, 2010


In any Flash project, there’s always one key decision the design and technical teams need to make (well, one amongst million others!) – how are we going to handle the transitions?

If you break down most Flash projects you find that they’re main purpose is to take the user through a series of visual screens – quite often images. The presentational nature of the beast commands it so!

So, you’re left with a problem – how do you get from one image to the next in a way that’s interesting, connected to the subject, and just a little different from the thousands that have gone before.

With the new H&M Fall Fashion 2010 collection, Perfect Fools show us there is still a nugget of interest and delight to be had from the simple transition. Their silk inspired journey through the collection is eye-crabbing, totally connected to the items on display and more than different enough to warrant this post. Perfect (again!).

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Plain old-fashioned nice

October 12, 2010


I’ve just realised that a lot (if not all) my recent posts have focused around tracking various creative applications of ‘web tools’ to deliver digital experiences.

I don’t find this overly surprising, as there’s currently so much interesting work being developed around available social platforms, and that brand are really starting to pick up of their communicative benefits to spread the ‘brand message’. But I do feel I need to check myself every now and again.

Showing us that plain old-fashioned nice is often just as worthy as the flashy, shiny new – Firstborn have created a beautifully put together campaign site for The Hartford. Achieve What’s Ahead takes us through the lives of six ‘ordinary’ people and their interactions with The Hartford.

The stand-out thing about the site? In my opinion, Firstborn’s ability to craft something very special from the pretty ordinary. The feel of the photography, the quality and depth of the video footage, and the subtle animation of the site just goes to show that sometimes all you really need to do is get the basics right.

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Tweet a site

October 11, 2010


So, what’s the modern way to create an agency site? Well you tweet it of cause!

Following on from a recent post (here) about the prevalence and real commercial usability of web tools, and building upon Boone Oakley‘s very cool YouTube site I’ll mentioned before (here), Kamchatka have developed their new agency site totally in Twitter.

It’s a great idea – enabled wholly by the recently revamp of the Twitter interface! – seems such an obvious thing to do, and has the added advantage of saving the team a bunch on hosting!

Kamchatka shows us that sometimes all you have to do is think outside the web box and look to the tools we’re all using everyday to communicate our thoughts, for a complete web solution.

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YouTube connection to shopping

September 28, 2010


French Connection has just launched a new online shopping experience hosted on YouTube. YouTique is set to become the new way of shopping online for the brand, and it’s another interesting, digitally focused, channel retailers are finding to sell us their goods.

In a way YouTube is the perfect channel to bring us a rich, engaging shopping experiences. You get the engagement and connection of the presenter, the entertainment and richness of the video experience and finally the ease of the online shopping transaction. Part TV shopping channel, part daytime TV experience, part eCommerce solution, YouTique seems to work well, and does add to the over-all online shopping experience.

YouTique (developed by Poke) allows the user a good amount for social connection through YouTube’s standard comments features, as well as sharing on Facebook, Twitter and embed codes allowing placement into individual blogs.

It’ll be interesting to see how the channel plays out, and what revenue streams it brings in for the brand. With retail being placed directly in the likes of Facebook and on various mobile channels (commented on here and here), it’s looking like the shopping experience is again going to be the place the see the latest and greatest in digital innovations.

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Razorfish – JCPenney iAd

September 26, 2010

Apple’s iAd network has been live now for a little while, and it’s going to be interesting to see how much of the mobile ad market the channel takes up – quite a lot if you listen to Apple’s predicted revenue streams. What is for sure though, is that mobile advertising is evolving to be ‘the (next) big thing’ and will very much impact everyone’s lives (mobile or not) in the more than near future. Marketeers need to pick up on this trend and start to plan their digital advertising strategies around this obvious fact.

So, what’s going to make a successful mobile (iAd or not) advertising experience?

Well, it’s not going to be any different from any other channel: A big idea + Relevant to it’s target + Creatively executed = Positive results.

Razorfish – Emerging Experiences have started the ball rolling with their work for JCPenney. The highly interactive ad shows us some of the possibilities of what really engaging mobile advertising can become. In this ad Razorfish show us the potential of creating a mobile experience that holds the attention, engages the scenes and, along the way, allows the viewer to purchase the odd item or two.

With such experiential technologies now packed into our smart phones, I can see many a boring train or bus journey turning into an enchanted, exhilarating shopping experience.

With the mobile ad market really taking off, retailer have a ready made, captivated audience just sitting there waiting to be sold to. All they need to do is follow the simple equation: A big idea + Relevant to it’s target + Creatively executed = Positive results. Static or Mobile you’ll be on to a winner.

Creative feet

September 23, 2010


So, if you don’t have the celebrity of Nike or originality of Adidas how do you go about promoting your funky sports wear?

Well, I’ve touched on Converse keeping it Real before, now Satorisan have taken it to a creative space with their very arty site Name That Sneaker. The site takes you on a creative journey through a new world, where you’ll discover the birth of the brands 27 unnamed sneakers.

With ‘user generated content’ being such a buzz phrase at the moment, Satorisan have taken the concept one stage further – by asking their fans to name the entire collection of cool trainers.

Viewers to the site are invited to take the ‘Trip’ by naming the 27, with the most populate winning out. One of the elements I am liking is the individual touch – Satorisan have incorporated a nice feature where viewers can use Twitter to create a personalised animated experience.  Overall the site really does manage to encapsulate the brands personality, and the interaction gives the whole experience a very personal feel.

Tip top from Tipp-ex

September 21, 2010


What makes great web advertising these days?

The innovative use of an already great channel? – Yes. Doing something new in an over done world? – Yes. Surprising the viewer and grabbing their attention? – Yes. A really great idea? – Defiantly!

Buzzman shows us one such great idea with their work for Tipp-Ex. Their brilliant viral is fully integrated into YouTube and allows the viewer to use their imagination to discover over 50 funny movies.

And it’s not just me that thinks a great idea is what you need to create a great web ad these days – 8,439,029 others seem to agree. Not bad for a little bit of white paint!

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