Ford Active Park Assist – doggingly good?

June 16, 2011
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To advertise Ford’s active park assist feature (in France), Ogilvy France have produced this nice little ad that makes use of man’s best friend to lead (sorry!) us through to the feature sell.

I do like it, I have to say. But it must be fair to say that it is an ‘influenced piece’. Paying homage to the likes of W+K’s Honda Ad or Google’s Chrome promotional piece or some of the other influenced off shoots, themselves a ‘tribute’ – mentioned here. But the twist of the dogs is a smart distraction.

The film was directed  by a highly acclaimed music video director – James Frost. And an Adverblogger was involved, so it’s gotta be well worth a watch.

One thing though – I don’t know if it’s a YouTube thing or a style thing but it’s all a little desaturated, not sure about that bit?

Listerine – Mouth vs. Life

June 15, 2011


This is a great ad campaign by JWT London for Listerine. The unique YouTube page lets people see, in ‘real life’, the affects of all the stuff we shove in our mouths on our teeth and gums.

If nothing else, it’s put a big toothy smile on your face!

KinectShop by Razorfish – Emerging Experiences

June 14, 2011

Are you looking at the new eCommerce experience?

When you think about it today’s eCommerce experience is nothing like that of the real shopping experience (except for the fact of shifting cash from your pocket to theirs!).

There’s always been something missing in the whole stay-at-your-computer-and-shop experience. Yes it’s simple, fast and effective; yes you get the full choice of the long tail; and yes you get a price that often beats the high street, but you do lose something ‘human’ along the way.

That ‘human touch’ has driven a lot of digital technologies of late – be it mobile led (talked about here), digital customer service led (talked about here), or simply due to the ever evolving expectations of a society hungry for shopping down new channels (talked about here).

Now there’s a new contender in the digital marketplace, base around Microsoft’s Kinect motion camera.

Game Shopping

Razorfish’s Emerging Experiences team have created KinectShop to demonstrate the use of the Kinect platform in a retail or at-home augmented reality shopping experience.

R-EE say “KinectShop allows shoppers to cycle through an assortment of products, in this case purses, and visualize the products as part of their outfit, thereby better informing the purchase decision. The natural interaction offered by the Kinect platform allows the shoppers to quickly develop a 1-to-1 connection with the product through the use of augmented reality.”

It’s certainly an interesting idea, and I like that there are also sharing options via QR codes and NFC, plus the obligatory social networking tie-ins.

It’ll be interesting to see this type of technology develop. It does attempt to bring something of the personal back into the simply transnational, which has to be good for the consumer. I’m just not sure about turning the shopping experience into a virtual ‘game’ really hits the right note – but that could just be me!

How do you like your eggs?

June 13, 2011
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Crispin Porter + Bogusky Europe has created this great iPhone app for Swedish sandwich spread brand Kalles Kaviar.

As well as telling you how to boil an egg, the app will give you all sorts of ‘interesting’ egg related advice – even putting together a playlist that will match the cooking time for your perfect egg.

I think the really nice thing about this campaign is its simplicity – all you do is enter the code printed on the side of the egg and the app takes over.

All that remains to be asked is: what came first the idea or the application?

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Can't-help-but-watch-it: by Firstborn

June 10, 2011
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Showing us ‘the way to do digital’, one of my favored digital shops, Firstborn, unveil their Studio Reel 2011.

Fusing their digital expertise with a desire to create custom content for their clients, Firstborn launch a new reel, and a new era, for the Firstborn studio.

Firstborn believe in great content. They say “In a time when we’re trying to reach people in an oversaturated world, one thing that can stand out is “can’t-help-but-watch-it” content. And that’s what the Firstborn Studio—with its live action video and 2D/3D animation capabilities—works tirelessly every day to create.”

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The Economist – Thinking Spaces

June 9, 2011


The Economist has launched a nice site created to allow you to discover where other Economist reader go the think.

Thinking Spaces – created by AMV BBDO and Hi-ReS! – allows you to discover those special inspirational places hidden within your favorite cities, share them with your friends, and add your own thoughts. The site itself looks striking, and utilities a lovely mono Google Maps overlay.

Overall the experience is a really nice way to connect with other thinkers, discover a more thoughtful angle on some of the globe’s most interesting cities, and with the mobile app take to the streets and get inspired.

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Converse – The Canvas Experiment

June 8, 2011
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480 Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars: 4 meters high, 5 meters wide, 400kg of canvas, rubber, and wire… the perfect mirror.

With this campaign Perfect Fools asked themselves a question – Converse create a world of engaging brand experiences with music, art and events. But what if instead of building stories around shoes we could make the shoes themselves the experience?

By combining the latest in physical computing, some heavy engineering, custom-made content and good old analog music, they did just that.

The results are pretty cool.

5 interesting digital things I missed whilst spending 2 weeks away…

June 7, 2011

1. Diesel’s Real Life “Likes” via QR Codes

YouTube Preview Image

Furthering the concept of taking the social net into the real world that we’re seeing a lot of at the moment, Diesel does real life likes.

2. Turkcell Twitter Campaign: #Turkcell

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Nice campaign for Turkcell who were looking to promote their new smart phones bundled with mobile internet.

3. Brands ‘liked’ by 50m Facebook users per day


Sheryl Sandberg produced an interesting statistic – that over 50 million Facebook users like a brand page each day.

4. McDonald’s Pick n Play

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Interact with McDonald’s to win coupons. Created by DDB Stockholm, the campaigns makes great use of the engagement and connectivity of mobile with the presentation and impact of outdoor.

5. Kaiser Chiefs – Create your own album


Nice idea from the Kaiser Chiefs that looks to continue the mass democratisation of music. By using digital channels to ‘open up’ the connection between the fans and the bands, the Kaiser Chiefs are looking to generate yet another buzz-building/purchasing model for the promotion and sale of their new album.

Sleep better with IKEA

May 18, 2011


IKEA have recently launched a new campaign for it’s bedding catalog, the A Better Sleep For Everyone campaign site, produced by Kokokaka, takes you on a journey of discovery through 6 different mattresses.

Each of the 6 ‘experiences’ is shown through the eyes of a different Swedish artists, each of them interpreting a classic lullaby performed in a dreamy and surreal music video.

By scrolling up and down the user can change between the artist’s music videos and the different mattresses. Experience, for instance, a soulful Tingsek having problems with falling asleep. Just like the princess from the famous fairy tale he gets annoyed by something hard under the pile of mattresses. But guess what? It’s not a pea, it’s Tingsek’s band!

The site itself is beautifully crafted, with lovely video production, well shot photography and fully on-trend use of HTML5 techniques. The site not only works as well on the desktop as it does on the mobile, it really does manage to capture an atmospheric, highly dreamlike mood.

It’s a lovely way to bring the importance of those sleeping hours fully into the conscious. So check in out and let yourself fall asleep to beautifully performed lullabies!

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Toying with brand analytics

May 17, 2011


To coincide with the release of Millward Brown’s annual BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands study, JWT London have created an online tool for tracking brand data.

Brand Toys is a creative and playful tool for interrogating the serious subject of business sentiment and brand buzz.

Every ‘toy’ is created using the same design rules, so that you can make powerful comparisons between brands just by looking at them. You can see how the same brands may differ across various countries around the world, or you can see how a brand differs from its competitors.

The tool analysis key brand attributes including: familiarity; potential; trustworthiness; charisma; sentiment and chatter to name but a few, to visually structure its results in an interesting, if rather ‘quick reference’ way.

For me, Brand Toys beats all those endless lists by displaying its highly analytical data in a way that kinda means something to even the most un-brand savvy viewer.

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