One meaty app

December 30, 2011
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Pat LaFrieda’s motto is “Eat My Meat”, and with their iPad app, you can do just that. It’s a carnivore’s dream, containing beautiful butchering videos, photography, tips and techniques. No kitchen should be without it!

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Nespresso – Dhjana

December 28, 2011

After the gluttonous excesses of Christmas it’s time to sober up with a little caffeine fueled creativity…

Maybe it’s because java has the reputation for sustaining the creative mind (well, others my want to swap ‘java’ for another drug of choice – but lets go with it for now!), but I’ve always thought Nespresso have gone the extra mile in delivering truly inspiring visual experiences.

Nespresso Dhjana is a collection of coffees that represent the very best flavors from around the coffee producing world. Uncompromising in taste they certainly are, and with the added benefit of 100% AAA Sustainable Quality behind their production, they really are the perfect choice for a creative cuppa.

The supporting Nespresso Dhjana site, created by Soleil Noir Studio, is a wondrous visual event. It takes you on a journey through product’s life-cycle, allowing you to visit producing destinations, understand the issues and processes, get a virtual ‘flavor’ of each bean and finally discover new coffee inspired recipes. All delivered within a beautifully crafted visual feast.

The site may not have all those social and mobile ‘bells and whistles’ we like to see, but perhaps it shows that maybe, just maybe there is still a place left for Flash development today!

Bing picturing 2011

December 22, 2011

As we approach the end of yet another year, there’s an inescapable opportunity for some sympathetic musing of the past 12 months and some serious crystal ball gazing into what the future may hold. There’s plenty of both around at the moment!

Taking the former approach, Bing Canada has launched a simple, yet well crafted, campaign – The site is an interactive animated gallery recapping on a year’s worth of photos from the Bing homepage (one of the elements that the brand uses to set itself apart).

The campaign site itself has been created to make use of HTML5, and allows the user to take a little break from all that searching, and scroll back through the ‘year in pictures’ using a nice little date-driven scroll bar feature.

The images you discover are great, and certainly help to compliment your serious searching with some delightful day-dreaming. Whilst the campaign never loses sight of its purpose – the Bing search box is always available – the interest is all about the photography, and with social media integration, photo fans can easily ‘like’ their favourite photo or share it on their social network of choice.

A simple idea, but one that shouts “we’re not Google”. It works.

Dots by Internavi – Honda infographic

December 21, 2011

There’s something beautiful, almost therapeutic, about looking at the graphical representation of data.

Right from the early days of design’s role in communication (think Florence Nightingale’s rose diagram), the visualisation of statistical data has been proven to be the most effective way to communicate often complex impact realities. You only have to observe the growth in popularity of the infographic to see that.

Dots by Internavi is a motion infographic created for Honda Internavi. The beautifully crafted system analyses and visualises real time ‘car probe’ data, gathered form enabled Honda cars all over Japan, and presents it in a series of dynamic on-screen presentations.

The resulting data visualisation changes constantly to match current travel feeds, and makes the Honda Internavi transportation story a hypnotic wonder to both follow and understand its impact.

Internavi is a vehicle telematics service offered by Honda to drivers in Japan. It provides mobile connectivity for on-demand traffic information services and internet provided maps displayed inside select Honda vehicles.

12 Trends for 2012

December 20, 2011

Mobile Commerce / Mobile Payments / Mobile + TV / Connected TV / Mobile in China, India & Africa / Mobile’s Threat to Other Services / Ecosystems & Walled Gardens / Real Time Bidding & Automation / Education Enabled / Hijacks & Guerrilla Marketing / ‘eBay’ for Services / Simplicity.

Predicting the future: Mother’s Psychic T-shirts

December 19, 2011

Do you want to know what 2012 will bring? The let Mother‘s Psychic T-shirts tell you…

One hundred blank T-shirts have passed under the hands of Los Angeles-based psychic Lucinda Clare. Miss Clare has used her extraordinary spiritual powers to predict the destiny of the future wearer. The prediction has been printed on the T-shirt, and now awaits its wearer. Could that be you?

The T-shirt already knows… yours will find you at

Nice idea, even nicer that every penny (of the hundred quid) goes to Age UK.

Christmas Dare

December 16, 2011

Continuing on a festive theme, Dare‘s Xmas card this year is a qualitative look at the effectiveness of Christmas gifts.

They decided to put their clients’ gift ideas into some focus groups to see what came out shining. You can see the (is it me that’s seeing a little tongue-in-cheek) results at, as well as getting the opportunity to tweet your thoughts.

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Old Spice guy’s Xmas blowout

December 15, 2011

So what would Old Spice guy give as the perfect Christmas present? The opportunity blow stuff up of course!

It is simply pointless, but that’s the simple point I guess. Is this going to be another W+K viral success for the Old Spice guy? It is quite entertaining (if you like that sort of thing!), even if the amusement only lasts about as long as it takes to splash on a little of the smelly stuff!

Go on, blow something up at

Ad Age top 10 and the Citroën twitter race

December 14, 2011
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Ad Age has just released their list of the 10 Best Social-Media Campaigns of the Year. It’s an interesting list, and a great way for brands to discover what they can actually do with that ‘Social Media’ thing they’re looking to exploit.

One of my favorites is the lesson Euro RSCG Amsterdam and Perfect Fools gave with their Citroën DS5 Twitter Race.

Last month Netherlands residents had the opportunity to win a Citroën DS5 when the company sponsored a daylong ‘Twitter Race’, in which TV presenter Froukje de Both drove the car while a co-pilot read directions off Twitter. People urged de Both to come to their location by tweeting #ds5race. The winner was the first person to retweet the final message from the car.

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A quick catch up…

December 13, 2011

Ok, I’ve been away for a bit. Here’s a couple of things I’ve missed….

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Twitter Tweeks Twittering

Twitter has introduced a whole new look for and TweetDeck, as well as its mobile apps, that it hopes will simplify the user experience.

Happy Birthday to you…

Last week Poke reached the grand old age of 10. Belated but warm Birthday wishes to a great agency.

Twitter embraces brands

As if you hadn’t heard already, Twitter launches Facebook-style branded pages.

Are you looking at death of Flash?

With a beautiful demonstration of how to do web animation in a post Flash world, have Tool and HelloEnjoy hammered in the final nail?

A WebGL interactive music experience inspired by Ellie Goulding’s Lights.

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