Victoria Beckham created Range Rover Evoque

April 27, 2012

Somewhere in the back of my mind I always know that Victoria Beckham was a design genius. Yes it was a part of my mind that seldom gets accessed, and is often a little confused and misguided when it does see the light of day, but in the back of my mind it was. There, I’ve said it!

Maybe it was because of that infrequency of access that I was more that a little surprised when VB was announced as ‘creative director’ (or something like that) for the new Range Rover when the Evoque was first announced.

I thought, perhaps naively, that it was simply a ‘clever’ marketing stunt – aimed at grabbing some headlines and attracting a new demographic to this new class of vehicle. But no, I was wrong, as well as a flair for creating beautiful music and very wearable fashion, her creative talent also extends to that of automobile design.

Yes, they say it’s a collaboration between the Land Rover Design team and design genius that is Victoria Beckham, but we all know who would have done the lion share of the work. Don’t we?

Have I still not convinced you yet?

On April 22 the new Evoque Special Edition with Victoria Beckham was launched. As well as all the glitz and glamor of the launch event itself (I’m guessing here as I didn’t get an invite!), a new website was launched not only displaying the beauties of the Evoque and it’s special edition design styling, but also allowing us some insight into the thinking of the great designer herself.

The site, created by Blast Radius, is an immersive, highly visual parallax scrolling HTML5 experience, telling the story of the ‘collaboration’ that went into creating the Range Rover Special Edition with Victoria Beckham.

It is a beautifully crafted experience, and being HTML5 works as well on the iPad as it does on the desktop. The parallax is nicely done and certainly feels right for the product it’s selling.

It is a lovely site (I would be surprised if VB had a little design hand in that to? Anyone?), and I do have to say it is a lovely product.

What a talented family. Maybe I was right all along?!

Nike+ FuelBand

January 25, 2012
YouTube Preview Image

The Nike+ FuelBand is designed for anyone who wants to be more active. It measures your daily activity and turns it all into NikeFuel. So you can set a goal for every day and then go out and beat it.

Life is a sport. Make it Count.

Another great idea from Nike+, and another great ad to launch it!…

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Tip Ton chair by Vitra and BarberOsgerby

April 5, 2011
YouTube Preview Image

Billed (by some) as the world’s most eagerly-awaited chair, the Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby designed Tip Ton chair made by Vitra, gets ready to debut next week at the Milan furniture show.

Take a seat. It is a thing of beauty.

A pen for today: The Cosmonaut

March 31, 2011

Problem: How do you create a pen for today’s digital world?

Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost of Studio Neat have solved the problem in a manner that’s totally obvious in hindsight: The Cosmonaut, a stylus that feels more like a dry-erase marker. Dry erase markers, of course, have solved this low friction problem with a tip that has a bit of give, and a fat body that adjusts to the lack of grip you find in a “low fidelity” user situation. (via fastcodesign)

To raise cash, the team are turning to Kickstarter – the largest funding platform for creative projects – to get the required $50k goal. Shouldn’t be a problem as with 21 days to go they’ve already managed over $64k pledged.

A brilliantly simple idea.

Bright Idea

March 23, 2011


Illumination this year’s Brit Insurance Design of the Year awards, British designer Samuel Wilkinson, together with Nik Roope (also ECD at Poke) and product design company Hulger, have won the Brit Insurance Design of the Year 2011 for their stunning redesign of the low energy light bulb.

The judges said – The Plumen 001 is an imaginatively sculpted energy saving light bulb, its beautiful silhouette and organic form was chosen as the overall winner from the seven category winners as the Brit Insurance Design of the Year.

Find your pulse

November 21, 2010


Ever since July when Land Rover officially launched, what they’re calling, a new style icon – the Range Rover EVOQUE, the team have been running a series launch events in some of the worlds most stylish cities.

Throughout these events, Land Rover have managed to keep their highly stylish, very fashionable target audience wholly front-of-mind, with the events much more akin to the launch of a new perfume or fashion collection than that of a new 4 wheel drive car. Having said that the beautiful lines and stylish frame fully deserves its run on the catwalk.

Supporting these trendy and highly fashionable events, The Brooklyn Brothers London have created an equally stylish launch site – The Pulse of the City. The site elegantly takes the user to various fashion cities around the globe, and lets them explore the local journeys of trendy celebrities.

It’s a well put together site, albeit without a vast array of content, but there’s a blog and supporting EVOQUE creator to make up for the slightly thin-on-the-ground engaging experience.

One thing the site does illuminate is the growing importance of digital channels in selling high ticket items – such as the EVOQUE. With an iPhone App and links to key social networks, the EVOQUE’s marketing strategy is looking to be as fashionably digital as it is elegantly stylish.

The other thing that Land Rover show us with the launch of such a vehicle in our current ‘flexible’ financial market is that for some, they really have never had it so good. (But I’d never say that in public!)

iPhone 4

June 7, 2010


The new iPhone 4. According to Apple – This changes everything. Again.

As with all things Apple the product design is a thing of beauty. From a technical standpoint it includes 100 new features and is thinner than the iPhone 3GS. Apple has also renamed the iPhone OS as the iOS, and have said it will include 1500 new features including multitasking, a unified inbox, and app folders.

Will it be a hit? One word – Yes.

Picking up the gauntlet of improving Aston Martin

April 19, 2010


Ugur Sahin has looked at the styling of, perhaps, one of the most desirable brands in automotive – Aston Martin.

It’s quite an undertaking to pickup the gauntlet of designing something that so many hold up as the pinnacle of design style, but Ugur Sahin seems unfazed by such a challenge. The results are simply stunning.

The Aston Martin Gauntlet is a lovely facelift on the One-77 and the DB AR1 by Aston Martin. The lines seem to convey the cars latent power, it’s a stylish yet somewhat aggressive take on the classic styling. A thing of beauty? It will be interesting to see AM’s reaction… Can I have one please?!

Beautiful Buick

March 26, 2010


The Coolist introduces us to this beautiful 1948 Buick Streamliner by Norman E. It harks back to another era where curvaceous creative ruled and the opulence afforded the design team out stripped the needs for ecological practicality. Beautiful.

Keep it up with the MoviePeg

March 16, 2010


Lets be fair, it’s a common problem. It happens to the best of us from time to time! You go out, buy your shiny new iPhone, pack it full of the latest movies, then sit back ready to watch them. Hmm, problem – pop your iPhone on a table and you can’t see the screen, so you find yourself having the hold the thing for an hour and a half just to stop the glare!

Magnetic North have created the perfect solution – the MoviePeg. It easily clips onto you phone and will keep it up at the perfect angle.

The guys at mN, who also create fantastic interactive work by the way, have hit on a great to an obvious problem. I’m a big fan of design solutions, and it shows that sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective, with a little lateral thinking you can really change the way we connect with things.

This problem is the biggest issue I have with the iPad, it’s just not ergonomically or practically sound in many situations. Maybe there’s another project for the mN team to solve.

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