Made by Humans

January 30, 2013

#1 / Made by Humans / Hyundai Vision Hall, South Korea / Hyundai Motor Group.

Beauty by Universal Everything.

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Making Project Runway

January 11, 2013

To celebrate Project Runway’s milestone 10th anniversary, Lifetime, in partnership with Friends of the High Line, Nexus Interactive Arts transform a portion of the High Line in New York City into a virtual runway with a dynamic, 20-foot long, interactive installation on the elevated park featuring the stars of the Emmy Award-nominated hit show.

Directed by Evan Boehm the installation features innovative human tracking technology that mixes real-time virtual emotions of Klum, Gunn, Garcia and Kors reacting to passersby as they walk the High Line.

Very smart work – love it!

Cadillac ATS vs The World

August 6, 2012

It’s always interesting to see how vehicle manufacturers choose to promote their goods. With the real and passionate relationships some of us have the metal that surrounds us on a road trip, there’s rich emotional pickings to be had for persuading some to part with an impactful amount of cash.

Whether it’s honest eco-friendly responsibility or pure motor muscle, you can escape the pull of the car companies wishes to align their products with your emotional buttons. Driving is much more than getting you from A to B.

Firstborn are past masters at developing auto websites. With plenty of rich history to draw upon, their new work – Cadillac ATS vs The World – doesn’t disappoint. The site, creating with Fallon, takes you on a journey through some stunning landscapes from the four corners of the world.

The emotional pull – have you got a pioneering spirit? – you can become a truly adventurous global explorer in our vehicle – and isn’t it powerful to.

Continuing the departure from the once standard Flash tech, Firstborn have opted for a device friendly HTML5 route, utilising the now familiar parallax scrolling technique and incorporating lots of beautifully shot video content, the site delivers an inspiring vision of who you could be, once in the driving seat of their car.

All-in-all the site makes for a highly engaging, emotive experience. In that respect – job done.

Wrangler – Keep True

July 31, 2012

Love this work from Stinkdigital.

Wrangler’s latest short film is set in its birthplace and spiritual home, North Carolina.

The FW12 season is themed Keep True, and collections feature iconic designs and details from Wrangler’s rich history, blended with modern innovation. As the original denim brand of the outdoors, Wrangler takes inspiration from nature.

The movie reconnects Wrangler with its roots out in the wild. At the heart of the piece is Thomas Keith. The one-time Salem Country D.A. now lives besides the Black River where he grew up. His love of the outdoors, free from the trappings of urban life, inspired the making of Wrangler’s seasonal film.

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Retail Therapy…

May 22, 2012
YouTube Preview Image

…Prada Style. Beautifully shot by Roman Polanski.

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Perfect film by the fools

May 7, 2012
YouTube Preview Image

I’m not sure if it’s the hours spent watching The Killing, or my current activity of subtitle reading The Bridge, but I just can’t help thinking Scandinavia is just so cool.

If you take out the fact that a lot of Scandinavians seem to get killed (submerged car boots, chopped in half on bridges – that sort of thing), the places seem to be permanently clouded with semi darkness, and their political establishments are constantly preoccupied in political backstabbing, Scandinavia looks really cool – have you looked past the subtitles into their apartments? the interior decor is always amazing.

Even before the last crop of quality Scandinavian crime dramas I’ve been an avid fan of the work of Perfect Fools – no crime in that!

With their latest project, together with Mulu film and photographer Ulf Brantås, they present the third video in a series of portraits where professional tool maker Bahco is capturing extraordinary mechanics around the globe. The piece features Magnus Strömhäll, a dedicated climber both on and off duty, and a living example of a passion turned into a profession.

The short film has the kind of Scandinavian feel to it that I’ve come to expect from the regions creative community, it’s got drama, passion and simple looks stunning – all the requirement a cool brand needs. And all this for a tools manufacturer!

So I guess the point of this post is that if you’re a creative wanting to produce exceptionally cool work, don’t sit back and wait for an exceptionally cool brand, learn form the fools – just do it!

Cooking up a tasty PSD

January 26, 2012
YouTube Preview Image

Italy-based artist Stefania Rota created a stop-motion video that shows what baking would be like if it were done in Photoshop.

Rota created the stop-motion set of ‘Adobe Photoshop Cook’ using cardboard and kitchen utensils. Select ingredients and tools using your cursor, and edit the cookies to cook—don’t forget to save

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A lesson in how to do good digital

January 7, 2012

If you’ve ever wanted to discover what it takes to do good digital work, then here’s your chance to be enlightened.

Learn about (the always excellent) North Kingdom‘s mastery, passion and sense of business. Plus discover invaluable tips and techniques on ‘how to think digital’ in David Eriksson‘s amazingly open, honest and inspirational inside story into his business.

Can you find beauty in a second?..

November 3, 2011

…Well that’s the task in Montblanc‘s new campaign site The Beauty Of A Second.

The site is essentially an online competition aimed at driving brand interest.  It takes the shape of a short-film contest, where the user is challenged to capture perfect beauty in a one second long video.

It is a good idea, and one the obviously matched the brand really well. Viewers are encouraged to capture their beautiful second via a digital device of their choice. Once uploaded the videos can be stitched together to create a perfect feature made from a myriad of beautiful seconds.

The winner gets to go the Berlin to meet Will Wenders and the Montblanc team.

It’s UP2U: choose your Mentos

September 29, 2011

Run from zombies or take part in a crazy Japanese game-show, become a hip-hop star or an astronaut in the future – the choice is up to you.

To launch the new Mentos line of chewing gum ‘UP2U’, the brand turned to Unit9 and The Martin Agency to create a campaign site that would be as sticky as the product could become.

UP2U is a browser-based experience holding eight very different, and yet subtly synchronised films. While watching, viewers can switch between different films, they have the choice to choose their flavours.

The eight films were written and shot by Anrick and his team in London, and were filmed with their own actors, set design, and a bespoke score composed for the project.

It’s a great site, slightly strange, and a little freaky at times, but none the less sticky for it!

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