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May 18, 2012
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You have to admire Google, you really do. They’re just so cool. Everything they do is cool. So what if they’re now just ‘another big corporate’ and the hold a gazillion bites of data on me and only push me the stuff they think I want to see – they’re cool, come on admit it.

I read somewhere once a statement about how to get to the essence of a problem: Simplify, Simplify, Simplify. For me that’s simplifying the problem down to it’s essence!

And it’s the simplification of things that, I think, Google does so well, and what makes them so cool. Think – it’s simple, it’s cool. Their ads – they’re simple, they’re cool. The Google+ interface (although I just can’t keep populating my social sites, so I really don’t spend any time there, sorry big G) it looks simple and is simple, it’s cool.

I love the simplicity of all the Chrome marketing stuff they do – I’ve talked about it before. But those aren’t simple to create I hear you say – Okay, I’m sure they were pretty complicated to put together, but they just look simple. And as we know simple = cool.

Take the Cube, a WebGL game on Chrome Experiments about Google Maps (created by B-Reel) for example, it’s an interactive 8-level labyrinth game that tests your navigation skills through different cities using features of Google Maps. As well as being a simply good play, you can challenge your friends to beat your best scores. It’s simple, it’s cool.

And the best thing about Cube is, if you missed it, it was inspired by the very wonderfully cool Explore Your World video (Watch it here).

And they just can’t help themselves. Their offices look cool. Their products look cool. I’m sure their profit margins look cool (well in comparison to the EU’s!). Google are simply cool.

In a world that’s crowded, hassled, intense and highly technical, I do admire Google for remaining simple. And that’s pretty cool.

Nike trade in sweat – it’s easier to get than cash!

April 30, 2012
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I really love this idea from JWT Mexico for Nike’s #makeitcount global campaign.

The basic concept is that in order to prove that effort counts, they created a Nike auction space, a place where instead of money, people use Nike Plus accumulated kilometers to bid for exclusive products. The more you run the better position you’re in for a winning bid.

Great idea – perfectly links in with the product, talkes to an already active user community, requires some effort – yes – but provides a reward for that effort and certainly stands.

In many ways looking at this campaign reminded me of the principals set out in Conversational Capital. It ties into Rituals, it certainly has an element of Initiation, I can see stories and Myths being developed, the idea brings you senses to life (RSO), and there’s Tribalism baked in – you’ve got to be a runner!

Great work!

The Smart way to play a computer game

April 25, 2012
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Mad idea from Smart – grab a couple of Smart Cars and kit them out to be the controllers for one big game of Pong.

Smart Cars has a new installation using real cars – using forward and reverse – to play a game of Pong on a big screen. You jump in a car and play against your mates showing the quick manoeuvrability of the Smart Car.

Certainly an interesting way to show off the car’s responsiveness, and generate a little buzz along the way!

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We no longer fear big ‘brand’ brother

April 18, 2012

New research from Experian reveals 84% of consumers would no longer buy from a brand that didn’t take into account their preferences and purchase history. (NMA article here)

It was always inevitable that the fear of big ‘brand’ brother controlling your digital life would fade, mainly because it’s so useful having some personalised filtering on all that information we get pushed.

Personalised marketing campaigns and the single consumer view (SCV) has, in a reasonable sort amount time, been accepted as a good thing by us – the digital consumer with little time to ‘sift’. And it’s great to see attitudes changing.

Ironically the fear should now be back with the brand, that they don’t mess up their golden opportunity by implementing a substandard data strategy. If we now trust brands to use their data wisely, then brands need to fully appreciate the responsibilities they have to ensure they use that data in a manor that’s solely focused on the customer need.

Brands – don’t get it wrong, you could feel the full force of the furious consumer…

12 Trends for 2012

December 20, 2011

Mobile Commerce / Mobile Payments / Mobile + TV / Connected TV / Mobile in China, India & Africa / Mobile’s Threat to Other Services / Ecosystems & Walled Gardens / Real Time Bidding & Automation / Education Enabled / Hijacks & Guerrilla Marketing / ‘eBay’ for Services / Simplicity.

Wheel of Concept

July 15, 2011

Sometimes you may not have an idea, but you still need to make that meeting. Fortunately, now there’s an easy way to be a ‘rock star’.

Spin Tribal DDB‘s Wheel of Concept, download your concept board, and seal the deal.

New Zealand – Stunning

July 1, 2011


The people responsible for promoting New Zealand to the rest of the world have, I’ve always thought, managed to perfectly capture and communicate their audiences positive perceptions of the destination, and present those emotions back in a way that always adds to the allure.

Whether it’s their ‘100% Pure’ slogan – which perfectly captures the obvious natural beauty available as well as the inhabitants passion for the place (all the kiwi’s I’ve met have always been totally on brand!), the amazing photographic opportunities that are obviously on offer, or that place-in-the-collective-mind of freshness, freedom and fun, that they have so wonderfully managed to create, brand New Zealand is simply stunning.

Their new digital offering for the UK market – brilliantly reenforces all those positive feeling of the country, and helps to build ever stronger branding beliefs.

The site makes use of HTML5 to create an engaging user experience that’s fresh, original and totally immersive. Scrolling down the page takes the user on a semi animated trip through the lovely landscape. Clickable locations and interactive maps give you ample opportunity to while away some time simple exploring, dreaming or planning the perfect trip.

Overall it’s a stunning site from, what seems to be, a stunning place. Now that’s good branding.

5 interesting digital things I missed whilst spending 2 weeks away…

June 7, 2011

1. Diesel’s Real Life “Likes” via QR Codes

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Furthering the concept of taking the social net into the real world that we’re seeing a lot of at the moment, Diesel does real life likes.

2. Turkcell Twitter Campaign: #Turkcell

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Nice campaign for Turkcell who were looking to promote their new smart phones bundled with mobile internet.

3. Brands ‘liked’ by 50m Facebook users per day


Sheryl Sandberg produced an interesting statistic – that over 50 million Facebook users like a brand page each day.

4. McDonald’s Pick n Play

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Interact with McDonald’s to win coupons. Created by DDB Stockholm, the campaigns makes great use of the engagement and connectivity of mobile with the presentation and impact of outdoor.

5. Kaiser Chiefs – Create your own album


Nice idea from the Kaiser Chiefs that looks to continue the mass democratisation of music. By using digital channels to ‘open up’ the connection between the fans and the bands, the Kaiser Chiefs are looking to generate yet another buzz-building/purchasing model for the promotion and sale of their new album.

A framework for storytelling

November 28, 2010
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It’s always great to find frameworks. Frameworks for design grids have, for sometime now, revolutionised the way we design websites. Frameworks for code have done the same for the architecture.

Now people are looking to find the same for that essential element in any project – its strategy. “Great…”, I hear you chant, “…a framework for strategy – that’s just brilliant, I wont have to think anymore, easy!!”

Hmm, I see a problem. Thinking. I can show you hundreds of frameworks for brand and marketing strategies – just hit Amazon! I’ve read a lot of them and no have made me think ‘this is easy’. I guess you just can’t mechanise ideas.

Still, it is always good to seek them out. And this one from Storyworldwide is well worth a watch, and as close as I’ve seen.

Find your pulse

November 21, 2010


Ever since July when Land Rover officially launched, what they’re calling, a new style icon – the Range Rover EVOQUE, the team have been running a series launch events in some of the worlds most stylish cities.

Throughout these events, Land Rover have managed to keep their highly stylish, very fashionable target audience wholly front-of-mind, with the events much more akin to the launch of a new perfume or fashion collection than that of a new 4 wheel drive car. Having said that the beautiful lines and stylish frame fully deserves its run on the catwalk.

Supporting these trendy and highly fashionable events, The Brooklyn Brothers London have created an equally stylish launch site – The Pulse of the City. The site elegantly takes the user to various fashion cities around the globe, and lets them explore the local journeys of trendy celebrities.

It’s a well put together site, albeit without a vast array of content, but there’s a blog and supporting EVOQUE creator to make up for the slightly thin-on-the-ground engaging experience.

One thing the site does illuminate is the growing importance of digital channels in selling high ticket items – such as the EVOQUE. With an iPhone App and links to key social networks, the EVOQUE’s marketing strategy is looking to be as fashionably digital as it is elegantly stylish.

The other thing that Land Rover show us with the launch of such a vehicle in our current ‘flexible’ financial market is that for some, they really have never had it so good. (But I’d never say that in public!)

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