Nespresso – Dhjana

December 28, 2011

After the gluttonous excesses of Christmas it’s time to sober up with a little caffeine fueled creativity…

Maybe it’s because java has the reputation for sustaining the creative mind (well, others my want to swap ‘java’ for another drug of choice – but lets go with it for now!), but I’ve always thought Nespresso have gone the extra mile in delivering truly inspiring visual experiences.

Nespresso Dhjana is a collection of coffees that represent the very best flavors from around the coffee producing world. Uncompromising in taste they certainly are, and with the added benefit of 100% AAA Sustainable Quality behind their production, they really are the perfect choice for a creative cuppa.

The supporting Nespresso Dhjana site, created by Soleil Noir Studio, is a wondrous visual event. It takes you on a journey through product’s life-cycle, allowing you to visit producing destinations, understand the issues and processes, get a virtual ‘flavor’ of each bean and finally discover new coffee inspired recipes. All delivered within a beautifully crafted visual feast.

The site may not have all those social and mobile ‘bells and whistles’ we like to see, but perhaps it shows that maybe, just maybe there is still a place left for Flash development today!

It’s an illusion

October 11, 2011

Just a different way of looking at scrolling through product. Achtung!‘s great work for O’Neill.

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BT Vision Experience

September 9, 2011

Ok, so the BT Vision Experience hasn’t got all the socially connected, augmented reality driven, highly mobile bells and whistles that we’re seeing on some of the coolest campaigns around at the moment, but it doesn’t need them, it’s just a guide to simple product.

But this fact of the simple, some might say boring, purpose of information delivery hasn’t stopped LBi creating something really engaging.

The premiss is simple – a bloke telling you all you need to know about a product. But they’ve created it in a way that manages to be both entertaining and informative. The experience is split into two key areas the ‘Guided Tour’ and ‘Ask a Question’, and the output is a set of video sequences and interaction elements.

The result is well worth an explore.

Champion of the Playground

August 11, 2011

Champion of the Playground is an online skills league for kids that encourages them to learn and practice new skills.

The game based site, created by BBH London and unit9 for Robinsons Fruit Shoot, allows children to get involved in a virtual playground by competing with the friends in a series of interactive games such as: Trampoline, Dodgeball and Balance.

Players control the game via either keyboard/mouse input, or in a nod towards Kinect, through a movement activated webcam functionality.

Adding to the engagement of the site, players pitch their skills to win virtual prizes and the pride of being top of their team of friends.

Get a little Camper weather

May 12, 2011


Have you ever popped onto the BBC weather site and been left with a sad face? Those hopeful Saturday evening BBQ dreams simply washed right away? All too often in my location! Well, don’t have a sad face, smile whatever the weather with Camper’s new weather tracker.

Have a Camper Day is a great little campaign site from Camper, created by Herraiz Soto & Co, that aims to make you laugh in the face of any weather system.

It’s a simple site, but beautifully crafted, also available as a lovely little app. And if nothing else, it’ll help you to choose the right shoes to put on that day!

Jordan BCT Low

April 26, 2011


Sometimes all you need to standout is to be a little different.

With all the rust to implement Apps for this, social media strategies for that, and new technologies for the other, it’s somewhat refreshing to come across a campaign that is almost fully focused on the visual experience.

I’ve talked a little about Nike’s Jordan campaign work before, and here’s the latest offering by the always excellent Academy. Jordan BCT Low takes the user through a typographical ‘candy shop’ of a visual experience, in order to communication the thoughts of Tinker Hatfield on the History, Trunning, Performance and Design of the new shoe.

Simple but stylish.

Gas Jeans 360

February 27, 2011


Gas Jeans 360 – lovely, clean and simple site. A beautiful way to display some denim. Nice.

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Seasonal transition

November 16, 2010


Following on from a recent post about the search for a new, innovative Flash transition, Perfect Fools have, yet again, produced some more great work for H&M’s online campaign for this year’s holiday season. Check out the campaign here.

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Silky smooth transitions

October 14, 2010


In any Flash project, there’s always one key decision the design and technical teams need to make (well, one amongst million others!) – how are we going to handle the transitions?

If you break down most Flash projects you find that they’re main purpose is to take the user through a series of visual screens – quite often images. The presentational nature of the beast commands it so!

So, you’re left with a problem – how do you get from one image to the next in a way that’s interesting, connected to the subject, and just a little different from the thousands that have gone before.

With the new H&M Fall Fashion 2010 collection, Perfect Fools show us there is still a nugget of interest and delight to be had from the simple transition. Their silk inspired journey through the collection is eye-crabbing, totally connected to the items on display and more than different enough to warrant this post. Perfect (again!).

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Plain old-fashioned nice

October 12, 2010


I’ve just realised that a lot (if not all) my recent posts have focused around tracking various creative applications of ‘web tools’ to deliver digital experiences.

I don’t find this overly surprising, as there’s currently so much interesting work being developed around available social platforms, and that brand are really starting to pick up of their communicative benefits to spread the ‘brand message’. But I do feel I need to check myself every now and again.

Showing us that plain old-fashioned nice is often just as worthy as the flashy, shiny new – Firstborn have created a beautifully put together campaign site for The Hartford. Achieve What’s Ahead takes us through the lives of six ‘ordinary’ people and their interactions with The Hartford.

The stand-out thing about the site? In my opinion, Firstborn’s ability to craft something very special from the pretty ordinary. The feel of the photography, the quality and depth of the video footage, and the subtle animation of the site just goes to show that sometimes all you really need to do is get the basics right.

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