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December 7, 2014
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When most of us are thinking of new and interesting ways to get clients to produce more of this stuff, it’s nice to see one client (Ryman) thinking a little harder about how we can reduce just a little of it. Amazing idea GREY.

Ryman Eco – The world’s most beautiful sustainable font.

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When Fi did Wacom…

September 2, 2013

…The results were always going to be good, but great? no – better than that – beautiful.

Fi say “Imagine a product site that is meant to inspire you. A site that showcases and celebrates creativity from all over the world. And rewards loyalty to the brand. A site that helps you find a product that best matches your needs. And knows how to nudge you in the right direction. A site that gives you all that products information, that is easy to understand. Imagine?”

Maybe it was the beautiful Wacom inspiring the brilliant Fi, or the brilliant Fi inspired by the beautiful Wacom. Whatever, the result is inspiringly beautiful (or possibly beautifully inspiring).

Tohoku Kitchen

October 29, 2012

Oh the creations that are being crafted with Javascript these days! Here’s one of the best I’ve seen for a while – Tohoku Kitchen developed by SHIFTBRAIN. Just beautifully put together.

Microsoft gets responsive

October 10, 2012

Microsoft.com has recently launched an interesting new responsive home page.

The move to a responsive design framework is a reasonably brave one for such a corporate, and sees Microsoft transformed to the ‘bleeding edge’ of web design (some would argue), and certainly finds them aligning themselves with the current on-trend chatter, and ahead (from a digital design thinking perspective) of their obvious competition.

The site was designed by Paravel, who are very much leading the way in responsive design techniques. Check out Trent Walton‘s (Paravel) view of the project workflow. And get another perspective at Nishant Kothary‘s (Microsoft) excellent blog.

Bill Moggridge – R.I.P.

October 9, 2012

I was saddened the other day to hear about the death (to cancer) of the brilliant Bill Moggridge. I just stumbled across the news whilst hunting around for some data on human centered design.

Coincidently it was on the same day as the anniversary of Steve Jobs death, to the same dreadful deseas, that I heard the sad news.

This got me thinking about the perceived pecking order of creative talent that has influenced our lives today. Rightly so, IDEO present this memorial video reviewing the great man’s work, both within the company he co-founded and reflecting on his educational and curation work, on their home page – much as Apple did with the loss of their founder. Yet I didn’t see the news about Bill Moggridge set across the news headlines.

I realise that not every designer can make headline news, but Bill Moggridge was a true influencer (certainly in my eyes), and being a Brit I’d have loved to have felt his memory could be celebrated here, as one of our leading innovators in his field.

Taking nothing away from all those influential design innovators past and present, I’d just like to say – Bill Moggridge – you’ll be missed.

Serious design can feel good

September 24, 2012

For this year’s World Alzheimer’s Day, Ogilvy Brussels created this wonderfully simple design aimed at getting people aware of the day and to encourage them to donate their Facebook timeline.

I guess with projects like this there’s always a temptation to over-do the information, and in doing so lose the impact. It’s great to see in this case all involved held to the ‘simple’ philosophy – which has only added to the significance and meaning.

The beautiful power of data

August 31, 2012

Big data is massive – that’s a given. And now that the concept and importance of big data is well established, what next?

Well, the obvious – for me – is the design layer. Big data is great, but you have to be able understand all the numbers to do something with that cool data – and make a business impact.

So, design and the design layer becomes critical in the transformation from pure data to pure understanding. Without great design the numbers mean nothing, big data becomes a big confusing spreadsheet.

Google Analytics has done an amazing job for SMEs, who doesn’t have it installed? But then again who really utilises its power? The power of data is in the reaction to it – the insight, the crafting, the shaping and the developing of a better experience. All things that are, I fear, lacking for a good percentage of those who tool in simple installation plunge.

Chartbeat is another offer well worth a look. With stunning visuals and a great design layer it aims to put the power of big data in the understanding hands of people who get things done.

My hope is that the design layer will hit the headlines for its deserving role in bring the power of big data to those what can really make a big difference.

From London to Rio

August 22, 2012

As with time, space and teenagers, design must move on. We’ve had London with all its date focused vibrancy now it’s countdown to Rio and a focus on people, their nature, their feelings and dreams.

Wolff Olins now hand the torch over to Tátil, here’s their take on the solution:

After consolidation of our findings, we selected a simple yet powerful idea as our inspiration: what distinguishes our city and makes the Olympic Games a truly grand event are the people, their nature, their feelings and dreams.

That’s why we created a truly human brand.

We were born from a mixture of ethnicities. We warmly embrace all ethnicities, faiths and generations. We share our sky, our ocean and our happiness with the world. This human warmth, which is part of the Carioca nature and the Olympic spirit, is shaped by the exuberant nature of a city that inspires us to live passionately and carefree, and loves to share and engage with others.

The natural beauty of our landscape is embodied by the brand and its color palette. Yellow symbolizes the sun and our warm, vivacious and happy nature. Blue expresses the fluidity of the water that surrounds us, and our easygoing way of life. Green represents our forests and hope, a positive vision that inspires us to go even further.

Together, different countries, athletes and peoples embrace in an individual and collective motion that reveals one of our city’s landmarks — a vibrant Sugarloaf, pulsating with joy, union, celebration and friendship.

This landmark comes to life and gains a three-dimensional perspective, with volume and cut-outs. Contours create the topography of the city in our imagination.  A brand-sculpture, infinite, that gains textures and shapes, transforming into an object; a playful brand that can be experienced.

The expressive graphic wordmark with interconnected fluid letters reinforces the desire for unity and the warm human essence of the brand, reflecting the friendly and hospitable nature of the Carioca. The exclusive graphic design offers a unique combination of excellence and spontaneity, inspiration and attention to detail.

Inspired by Rio’s nature, the athletes and its people, the Brand of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games evokes unity, inspires the will and desire to work together, to share our knowledge and talents, to join forces and ambitions for a sustainable way of life that will transform the present and our future.

It’s a brand that embodies unity, transformation, passion and energy. It’s a large collective network in motion, an invitation and inspiration to Rio and the world.

Pentagram at Forty

May 31, 2012

The Forty Story. The story of a boy born on the day Pentagram opened and how his life has been tracked (and kerned) by forty years of Pentagram design.

Wonderfully written by Naresh Ramchandani and Tom Edmonds, it’s a great little film to watch. It’s got the drama of the ups and downs, the struggle, the passion, the drive, the fight against adversity and also the success – all in 03:28 of little flipping cards.

Ultimately it really is a tale of great modern graphic design. Happy 40th Pentagram.

Flyin’ with Air Jordan 2012

March 12, 2012

For the 2012 Nike Air Jordan campaign site, Academy have crafted this lovely looking HTML5 ‘digital experience’. Yes, we’ve all seen parallax scrolling before, but this really feels like the implementation of a technique specifically to enhance the product experience.

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