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September 15, 2014

Another beautiful example of how we can harness the power of technology for the creation of meaningful art.

Heart Bot is an experimental drawing machine controlled by the heart rate of its audience. It was created to launch a new collaboration between Intel and SMS audio at the New Museum in New York.

Great idea, amazing technology and stunning results.

Created by two of the agencies I thing are creating some of the best stuff around at the moment: Tool and Sid Lee.

Copenhagen Art Festival

May 30, 2012

I’m liking the new Copenhagen Art Festival site, simply for it’s simplicity. With the site (created by Hello Monday) they’ve managed to craft a standards based site into something that looks very much like it was created in the good old days of Flash.

But what’s so good about that? Well, for me, what’s great about it is that it shows a viable alternative to all those big scrolling pages we see so much of at the moment. It’s always interesting to see the speed at which ‘creative styling’ flows through the web, and it’s certainly seemed faster then ever with HTML5/CSS3 design ‘influences’. So it’s just nice to see something a little different!

I love the fact that lots of its elements just shouldn’t work (or that’s some would preach), but they just do! The central navigation should hamper the flow of the content, but it really doesn’t. The multi-directional scrolling should feel pain weird, but it really doesn’t. The page transitions should confuse the unfamiliar user as to their place within the structure, but it really doesn’t.

I guess some might say “it’s a step backwards”, but for me it a great lesson in how to craft a clean and functional presentational site that’s both attractive and a little different no matter what the technology.

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The beautiful art of body copy

January 23, 2012

YouTube Preview Image

I can’t help thinking that in our world of quick hitting, time limiting, headline driven, speed gratification the delicate art of body copy is much overlooked.

Ok, so this great campaign for the Spring/Summer advertising campaign for Aizone, a luxury department store in the Middle East, isn’t exactly supporting my theory. But with a little imagination an interest in looking at beautiful body copy could lead someone into an interest in writing beautiful body copy.

Models were body painted in typographic sentences “Forget Regret” “The Time is Now” and “Talk Less Say More”. It does make you think.


October 27, 2011

United Visual Artists have designed the 2011-12 identity for the onedotzero festival. The identity will be used as a trailer and introductory film for onedotzero events, and UVA will also present an installation, titled Horizon, at the BFI Southbank during the festival, which takes place in London from November 23-27.

Watch the sting here.

via: Creative Review

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Google do art history

February 2, 2011


Have you always wanted to explore some of the very best museums from around the world, but never had the time (or cash)? Now time, distance or funds are simply not a barrier to gaining that well rounded education in the history of fine art, with Google’s Art Project.

Google’s excellent site allows the user to discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels. Wondering through the hollowed halls of some of the worlds most prestigious art institutions is highly engaging, using Google’s technology lifted straight out of their street mapping software.


As well as spending your time simply ambling up and down the famous galleries, awash in the amazingly fine detail of the artworks, you can discover everything there is to know about the painting and artists, as well as creating and sharing your own collection of masterpieces.

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Russ Mills

December 26, 2010


Russ Mills focuses mainly on the human form particularly the face, interweaving elements from the animal kingdom often reflecting the absurdity of human nature.

His work falls somewhere between urban fine art and contemporary graphics. It’s an emotive, gritty style that has a powerful street chic giving the viewer a somewhat honest, vibrant account of his visual encounters.

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Drawn around town

May 19, 2010


LouLou & Tummie is a Dutch illustration duo who spend their days building an ever expanding empire of colourful graphics and characters. I love their work, it has a real playful nature – with obvious graphic influences.

Their illustration work for Art Directors Club Netherlands (ADCN) is a great example of the team’s clean, structured, well thought out visual style. Go visit their site, it’ll just make you happy.

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Drawing on a great ride for creative inspiration

May 18, 2010


Seriously, there’s nothing better for gathering your creative thoughts than getting away from it all for a day. If you subscribe to James Webb Young’s philosophy, and I do, you’ll know what I mean! For me, getting away from it all is about clipping in and heading to the hills.

I Love Dust show us their continuing passion for the power of the pedal to induce creative inspiration, with their brilliant work for the latest cover of The Ride Journal launching 27 May.

The new cover sees the fifth incarnation of this excellent journal, that continues to entertain and inspire. But, my suggestion is, once you’ve admired the great illustration and flicked some of the great articles, put it down, pick up your pedals and let the creative ideas come riding in.

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Light Graffiti

April 25, 2010


This stunning creation is part of a series of light graffiti images by Sola. It’s a form of art that requires precise photographic skill, carefully choreographed performance and a wild imagination. Pablo Picasso dabbled with the art form in his later days, and now we’re seeing an urban reappearance, with simply stunning results.

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A portrait of two artists

March 10, 2010

Portrait One_

Joe Holbrook is an artist from south London now based in Amsterdam. I came across his work from the Sid Lee Collective.

YouTube Preview Image

Portrait Two_

Danny Roberts is an artist/thinker based in California. I’ve previewed a little of his work before with Igor + André.

YouTube Preview Image

Creating Connections

What I find interesting is the complete unifying force held within the visual medium. Love or hate art or specific artists, there’s no denying that creative talent transcends borders, cultures and beliefs.

Great art means different things to different people (this blog looks to find a common thread), but all art touches us somewhere inside ourselves. Art and creative communications has the immense power of uniting often very different people from very different places.

I’m not a purist, art for me can be commercial, it can be technical, it could be a great advertising concept or a beautiful piece of product design. If art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination – when you experience it, it can truly stop your world.

The two artists I’ve stumbled upon here, come from very different places, and, I assume, have had very different experiences. But both produce exceptional work. Somehow there’s a visual magnetism running through the canvas, attracting the soul.

What links me to anyone else who likes their work? Capturing that connection is a powerful thing, but something that is to often demoted in the rush to do business.

So get out, see these artists work. Look at the work of the many other creative talents out there. Feel the magnetic effect that pulls us all together in a common, unifying goal to connect with each other through the freedom of expression.

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