Lexus brings a Magazine to Life

January 31, 2013
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A rather nice way to bring those dull old magazine pages to life! Uses CinePrint, a technique Lexus has created to merge print and digital. Inspired by the stunning technology of the 2013 ES.

Created by Team One.

Toys Unleashed

January 12, 2013
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This was Dare‘s launch event for Barclaycard’s “Toys Unleashed” iPhone game – which is available on the Apple App store now:

Stella Artois – Christmas Carole

December 21, 2012

StinkDigital and Mother London have created an interactive experience for Stella Artois that sends personalised messages to their brand fans.

The Facebook app integrates images of Christmas Carole on her journey with images of the recipient’s own city or town, using Google Street View and Google Maps.

“The aim was to create a seamless journey using Google’s location and maps technology in a very subtle way, and build to a magical moment at the culmination of the film where Christmas Carole arrives at the recipient’s home. During the shoot [SD] referred to our early prototypes using Google Streetview, and worked closely with director Nacho Gayan, and cinematographer Martin Ruhe, to ensure that assets shot on green screen used angles and reflections correctly.”

“The experience uses a combination of Google Streetview, Google Maps and satellite imagery, Google Places, and Google’s Directions and Geocoding APIs to build the custom background in each scene. Flash was then used to composite video in real time. To ensure the Google assets blended seamlessly with the film, every image was dynamically colour graded — while motion tracking user data and Streetview images — and even composited snow fall into each scene.”

The end result really is something to behold!

Daybreak: A new form of experiential advertising?

June 14, 2012
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The old adage ‘Content is king’ has, today, never been so true. In our ultra socially connected world, everyone is working harder to become front-of-mind, top-of-search or in-with-the-chatter – all with the express aim of getting noticed. But what’s the secret to being popular?

Advertising is dead

It’s been well documented, in this blog as everywhere, that traditional advertising stopped working a long time ago (although it’s always interesting to see the budgets still there!), so brands (and bloggers) have long been on the hunt to uncover what actually does work. What’ll make you the most popular kid on the block.

Perhaps unsurprisingly they’ve found their answer, and it’s and answer that should never have been forgotten. A simple truth that’s always been the mantra of the good – the king of things that work is content.

But what makes content good? What will make it popular? And how do you get people to talk about it? Well, that’s the challenge facing brands today and it’s throwing up some really interesting ideas.

I love a good story told well

Throughout history, people have used great stories to attract and engage. Ever since the first people came together around a protective fire, they have used the power of narrative to both educate and entertain. Storytelling has always been the lifeblood social infrastructure.

I guess the pure beauty of this type of communication is that the fundamentals haven’t changed in the millennia that we’ve been plying it. Yes, concepts such as the story arc may have introduced structure and process to the craft, but a good story has always been a good story and it’ll always get people talking.

The thing that has changed over time is the way we tell our stories and the channels we use to impart them to their audience.

Daybreak is just one of those stories.

Layering content for engaging experiences

Daybreak essentially expands on the history of storytelling in advertising with a new campaign for AT&T. Created by a partnership between BBDO, North Kingdom and Monterosa, Daybreak is an ARG that uses a mix of media to communicate its narrative through a variety of channels.

The layered digital campaign opens a new phase in AT&T’s ‘Rethink Possible’ platform and aims to highlight its 4G network and product innovations. Taking content from season one of Tim Kring’s Fox series Touch, the five-part mini-drama spreads engagement across two dedicated sites as well as smart iOS and Android mobile apps.

Although Daybreak isn’t the first ARG that’s been created (it certainly follows a similar path to the much documented Lost marketing campaigns), it is interesting to see this type of campaign being employed in what is essentially a brand advert.

It’s going to be interesting to track the success of this highly intricate campaign, both in terms of engagement (visits + returns and app downloads) as well as ongoing brand loyalty. Ultimately success will be marked by product sales directly derived from the campaign’s influence.

The truth is out there – content is king

What I think Daybreak does prove, even in its early stages, is that now, more than ever, has to be the time of exceptional content. Context and creativity must take centre stage both within the development of ideas and the delivery media selected.

So, what’s the secret of creating popular content? Develop interesting, relevant ideas through understanding and real customer insight, produce quality creative that will engage and inspire it audience to act, then deliver your message employing a long form, multi-channeled method that will foster a tangible sense of audience ownership.

Overall by making you message entertaining, educational or both, by challenging your audience and by situating palpable participation, you’ll be going a long way towards creating exceptional content. And telling a great story.

AR v QR: Is now the time for the printed page to go digital?

June 12, 2012
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Ever since the web took its electrifying grip on our imaginations and communications, those poor old print designers have been trying to find a way to energise the experience of their printed pages.

I guess V1.0 could be said to have been the flip book. In their day everyone wanted one, if you had a brochure then you needed to put it online – after all that’s where everyone was right? It was an idea (I’m not saying it was a good one), it was quick and cheap to do, but ultimately it was pretty pointless – it wasn’t a technology that enhanced the brochure experience, it just put it in a different place, and that place wasn’t as good as the original. The screen was never going to be the right destination for a brochure and its design. So the flip book soon flipped no more.

Then V1.5 would be the QR code. Oh the QR code, what hopes they had for it. They’re still everywhere. The basic idea wasn’t that bad really – provide a link between the printed page/poster, and the more exciting digital experience. In the end though the QR code is just a simple link, and one that you have to get your device, find the scanning app, hold it up to snap the code, and finally you’re off. Simpler just to type in a url right? Anyway how does QR add to the printed page experience? it just takes you off somewhere else, and the advertiser has to create two separate destinations. So QR isn’t the saviour of the printed page.

Could V2.0 be Layar?

Layar say they are – an industry-leading company at the forefront of the rapidly emerging medium of augmented reality (AR). AR is a way viewing digital information which has been superimposed – or augmented – onto a live view of the physical, real-world environment around you.

Basically Layar allows the print designer to scan their printed pages into the Layar system, and add digital content on top (the digital layer). Then when someone’s looking at that page in a magazine or brochure, and they see the Layar logo (I guess), they whip out their device, fire up the app, hold it up to the page, and there’s all the cool digital stuff.

The nice thing about it is that you’re not really creating duplicated content, and the user isn’t being forced away from their current destination. In many ways Layar is finally digitising the printed page.

As with all these new technologies, time will tell if it truly is revolutionary, and a lot of that will depend on its take-up both by publishers and consumers. It’ll be an interesting journey to watch augmented or not.

Ray Ban – Bright light – app case study

May 8, 2012

I love this case study from the Berghs School of communication students Rickard Beskow, Eva Wallmark and Michal Sitkiewicz. Ok, yes, it might be a little OTT to create an app simply to avoid the shadows (redundant on cloudy days I guess!), but the presentation looks great and there’s some smart thinking in there to boot.

Ray Ban Bright Light is a funny mobile app that will help you finding the sunny spots in your city, the places where you can enjoy the sun without the visual noise of the buildings. No more shade on your way! This app helps people to get the most out of the sun and their sunglasses.

Berghs School of communication, Stockholm Sweden
Art Director: Eva Wallmark, Michal Sitkiewicz
Copywriter: Rickard Beskow

via Adverblog

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claw you way up to be a Mogul

March 18, 2012

So there aren’t that many sites that start you off at the bottom and make you claw you way right to the top the reach your reward. But simply, but cleverly that’s what Hyper have done with the campaign site for Mogul – their smart looking iPad game.

As the premise of the game is to get to the top of the ‘social’ (read financial) ladder, it’s the the hyper fashionable parallax up-scrolling is sensible way for getting the point across. The visual look fantastic too, I’d play it (note to self: wishlist – new iPad!).

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Golf R Drivers Forever iPad App

February 29, 2012

Great work from AKQA – The Volkswagen Golf R Drivers Forever iPad app gives you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the all-new 2012 Golf R. From the storied history of the Golf model and the community that rallies around it, to the elite engineers of Volkswagen R GmbH, this app covers it all.

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One meaty app

December 30, 2011
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Pat LaFrieda’s motto is “Eat My Meat”, and with their iPad app, you can do just that. It’s a carnivore’s dream, containing beautiful butchering videos, photography, tips and techniques. No kitchen should be without it!

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Domino’s can make you a Pizza Hero

November 29, 2011
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Rise through the pizza making ranks and become a Pizza Hero. Make top quality pizzas by kneading dough, spreading sauce, sprinkling cheese, placing toppings and more as you race against the clock.

Compete against other pizza makers on the Game Center Leaderboards. Share your achievements, scores, and pizza maker profile on Facebook and Twitter.

Then when you’re done order it from Domino’s. Hmm pizza – great little app.

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