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September 3, 2013
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I’ve posted a couple of times over the years about my thoughts on digital’s ability, perhaps even need, to break free from the confines of the screen and be seem as an equal in our ‘real’ world. I’m certainly not the first to predict this obvious inevitability, and there are those (wiser that I) actually making it happen, but it has been a wonder to watch.

The logical step to this inescapable future are well underway of course. Digital has already sprouted wings, it is walking amongst us, watching us, tracking our every movement and making us feel ‘better’. It is already changing what we see, and as a consequence what we think. It has personalised our world – making a myriad of interlinking micro worlds all tailored to the individual – nodes in a wider network (sound familiar?). It restricts with one hand whilst simultaneously expands with the other, it has become (and with unimaginably rapid speed) our means of defining ourselves, expressing our emotions and the way we say all the stuff we do.

As a thing, it’s wonderfully liberating, perfectly levelling (if you can afford it that is – oops, maybe not!), really quite lovely, and horribly frightening.

And all that. All that progress. All that possibility. All that capability had led us to this…

…A real world website build in a bike park somewhere in South Africa for the RAV4. Brilliant.

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by____ Gavin Johnson