Serious design can feel good

September 24, 2012

For this year’s World Alzheimer’s Day, Ogilvy Brussels created this wonderfully simple design aimed at getting people aware of the day and to encourage them to donate their Facebook timeline.

I guess with projects like this there’s always a temptation to over-do the information, and in doing so lose the impact. It’s great to see in this case all involved held to the ‘simple’ philosophy – which has only added to the significance and meaning.

Re-discover your creative confidence

September 20, 2012

Inspiring TED talk by IDEO‘s David Kelley on his journey to help everyone re-discover their creative confidence.

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Life’s even better in 3D

September 17, 2012

How do you go about creating fresh and innovative new ways of reinforcing the notion that the best things in life are even better in 3D? Well, LG asked Perfect Fools.

The result is ‘LG 3D Studio,’ an experimental platform set up to explore new possibilities of 3D experience. While ‘3D Newsfeed’ is the first in a series of LG 3D Studio creations, the brand is actively encouraging feedback and ideas for future experiments via the app and their Facebook page.

Selling an ultrabook: it’s all very emotional

September 4, 2012

Customer engagement is key to selling products (wow there’s a revelation for you!). So how do you go about convincing laptop owners that their lap warming block of technology is just that, and to be really cool you need an Ultrabook?

Well, one way is to get a little emotional with the subject. Engage an audience through a series of time-released webisodes, make it all a little social, make sure there’s some subtle product references, then pop your logo on the screen alongside the drama.

The Beauty Inside, created by B-Reel, is an ongoing film where the audience can play the main part. Watch the video, then like it to hear about the next episodes or audition. You can get to play Alex yourself on their Facebook page.

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by____ Gavin Johnson