The beautiful power of data

August 31, 2012

Big data is massive – that’s a given. And now that the concept and importance of big data is well established, what next?

Well, the obvious – for me – is the design layer. Big data is great, but you have to be able understand all the numbers to do something with that cool data – and make a business impact.

So, design and the design layer becomes critical in the transformation from pure data to pure understanding. Without great design the numbers mean nothing, big data becomes a big confusing spreadsheet.

Google Analytics has done an amazing job for SMEs, who doesn’t have it installed? But then again who really utilises its power? The power of data is in the reaction to it – the insight, the crafting, the shaping and the developing of a better experience. All things that are, I fear, lacking for a good percentage of those who tool in simple installation plunge.

Chartbeat is another offer well worth a look. With stunning visuals and a great design layer it aims to put the power of big data in the understanding hands of people who get things done.

My hope is that the design layer will hit the headlines for its deserving role in bring the power of big data to those what can really make a big difference.

Engaging audiences via technology

August 23, 2012

I’d say that it’s pretty well accepted that the job of talking to customers in today’s mult-connected world is more than a little complex.

We’re living with and working through innumerable channels, each with their own ‘rules of engagement’ and each with an ever increasing demand for our constant attention. Neglect one, even for a short period of time, and the others can tumble around you. Choose the wrong one and you’ll be literally whistling in the wind.

All of this, coupled with the still remaining truth that a brands success is built on the stories they tell, is leading to many a brand owner wondering just how they can effectively engage with their valued and precious target audience through busy consumer chosen channels.

Far from cutting through the clutter, digital has simply fed the beast. There is now more noise than ever, and the voices are only getting louder. Today even the smallest body can shout an ear bursting yell, given the time, effort and the right tools.

And it’s having the right tools that’s really becoming the only way a brand can stay ahead of the consumer conversational curve, and both start and maintain meaningful connections with the people that matter to their business.

LBi‘s Audience Engagement Platform is just one such tool.

By helping their clients focus on building long-term relationships with the most valuable people, and by distributing amazing content to the right places while continuously measuring performance to reveal actionable and immediate insights, LBi have developed a technology that can talk to people through their preferred social channels – sharing personalised messages, which are timely and relevant.

For me, key to the success of tools such as these are their ability to be timely, relevant and trackable. It’s no longer enough to have a good story to tell, you have to seed that story at the right time and place for it to resonate, you have to link that story to the customer in a way that brings meaningful benefits, and you have to watch that story’s impact like a hawk.

So given the complex nature of the world in which we chatter, the use of technology is really the only viable way we can harness the power of our use of technology.

From London to Rio

August 22, 2012

As with time, space and teenagers, design must move on. We’ve had London with all its date focused vibrancy now it’s countdown to Rio and a focus on people, their nature, their feelings and dreams.

Wolff Olins now hand the torch over to Tátil, here’s their take on the solution:

After consolidation of our findings, we selected a simple yet powerful idea as our inspiration: what distinguishes our city and makes the Olympic Games a truly grand event are the people, their nature, their feelings and dreams.

That’s why we created a truly human brand.

We were born from a mixture of ethnicities. We warmly embrace all ethnicities, faiths and generations. We share our sky, our ocean and our happiness with the world. This human warmth, which is part of the Carioca nature and the Olympic spirit, is shaped by the exuberant nature of a city that inspires us to live passionately and carefree, and loves to share and engage with others.

The natural beauty of our landscape is embodied by the brand and its color palette. Yellow symbolizes the sun and our warm, vivacious and happy nature. Blue expresses the fluidity of the water that surrounds us, and our easygoing way of life. Green represents our forests and hope, a positive vision that inspires us to go even further.

Together, different countries, athletes and peoples embrace in an individual and collective motion that reveals one of our city’s landmarks — a vibrant Sugarloaf, pulsating with joy, union, celebration and friendship.

This landmark comes to life and gains a three-dimensional perspective, with volume and cut-outs. Contours create the topography of the city in our imagination.  A brand-sculpture, infinite, that gains textures and shapes, transforming into an object; a playful brand that can be experienced.

The expressive graphic wordmark with interconnected fluid letters reinforces the desire for unity and the warm human essence of the brand, reflecting the friendly and hospitable nature of the Carioca. The exclusive graphic design offers a unique combination of excellence and spontaneity, inspiration and attention to detail.

Inspired by Rio’s nature, the athletes and its people, the Brand of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games evokes unity, inspires the will and desire to work together, to share our knowledge and talents, to join forces and ambitions for a sustainable way of life that will transform the present and our future.

It’s a brand that embodies unity, transformation, passion and energy. It’s a large collective network in motion, an invitation and inspiration to Rio and the world.

Boks Quiz

August 17, 2012

Love this, FWA‘s site of the day – Boks Quiz – created by Hello Monday – A quiz to build awareness of Reebok’s non-profit BOKS programme, a before-school physical activity program designed to prepare children in the US for a day of learning.

This site looks amazing, stays both fun and informative throughout, and is beautifully crafted in HTML5 and Javascript.

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Cadillac ATS vs The World

August 6, 2012

It’s always interesting to see how vehicle manufacturers choose to promote their goods. With the real and passionate relationships some of us have the metal that surrounds us on a road trip, there’s rich emotional pickings to be had for persuading some to part with an impactful amount of cash.

Whether it’s honest eco-friendly responsibility or pure motor muscle, you can escape the pull of the car companies wishes to align their products with your emotional buttons. Driving is much more than getting you from A to B.

Firstborn are past masters at developing auto websites. With plenty of rich history to draw upon, their new work – Cadillac ATS vs The World – doesn’t disappoint. The site, creating with Fallon, takes you on a journey through some stunning landscapes from the four corners of the world.

The emotional pull – have you got a pioneering spirit? – you can become a truly adventurous global explorer in our vehicle – and isn’t it powerful to.

Continuing the departure from the once standard Flash tech, Firstborn have opted for a device friendly HTML5 route, utilising the now familiar parallax scrolling technique and incorporating lots of beautifully shot video content, the site delivers an inspiring vision of who you could be, once in the driving seat of their car.

All-in-all the site makes for a highly engaging, emotive experience. In that respect – job done.

The big picture: projecting success

August 3, 2012

Windsor Castle is being illuminated with images of rowers past and present, including Sir Steve Redgrave, to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Rowing competition at nearby Eton Dorney.

Music – Tumblr Style – 17 Blow Out

August 2, 2012

Here’s an interesting idea for a thoroughly modern music video – take inspiration from Tumblr.

Tonight We’re going out (created by Mother London) is a Tumblr style music video, where the different film clips are all synced with the beat. As you scroll the video loops activating increasing audio channels on the song.

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by____ Gavin Johnson