UNIQLO generate interest in Pinterest

July 2, 2012

So Pinterest have been doing a good job of generating interest in their growing social network of late, and there’s been plenty of talk about how brands can capitalise on the platform’s current popularity. But, until now, I’ve not seen a really create campaign directed specifically at the network.

Uniqlo always seem to make a habit of ‘being there’ when interesting use of digital media gets mentioned, and with this campaign they’ve done it again. Working with Firstborn, they’ve developed a visual campaign on Pinterest that just feels very creative, and has certainly caught the attention of the wider web (Mashable).

Using more than 100 shell accounts, a team of more than a dozen simultaneously pinned rows of long graphics in a five-category takeover. As users scrolled, the graphics appeared animated in the style of an old film strip.

It’s a great idea, and the “don’t advertise on out network” warnings are probably outstripped by being the first to do it. And, as a bonus, it’s nicely crafted – so that makes it alright (this time!).

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by____ Gavin Johnson