An ad is for life not just the media run

July 4, 2012

I have to confess I’d not seen ‘Lamp’ before, I know – sorry! I stumbled across it after reading a (worth browsing) insightful article by CP+B’s Andrew Keller on Fast Company.

Lamp was released in September 2002 to promote IKEA in the US. Watching it just made me think (perhaps in contrast to the sentiment of the ad itself), a great ad is still a great ad, and can still be fresh even after 10 years, if you’ve never seen it before. And Lamp is a great ad.

Yes, there has been massive cultural shifts in the last decade, and in brand communications perhaps more that most, but people are still people, they still have emotions and feelings – tapping into those senses in a clever way, and mixing in a little humor, is still going to be a winner not matter what the channel. Creativity creates conversation.

That’s what CP+B achieved with Lamp – and it’s still impressive work.

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by____ Gavin Johnson