The Honda Experiment

November 30, 2011

The Experiment is great little physics-based game. Built in HTML5, the game challenges players to create a chain reaction by placing a set of pop-up windows in the correct sequence to achieve a defined goal.

Created by Wieden + Kennedy and B-Reel, the site is a well conceived and rather playful way for HONDA to express their brand message of innovation and their tag The Power of Dreams.

It’s today’s FWA site of the day, and very much worth a look. Have you got what it takes to deliver the result?

Domino’s can make you a Pizza Hero

November 29, 2011
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Rise through the pizza making ranks and become a Pizza Hero. Make top quality pizzas by kneading dough, spreading sauce, sprinkling cheese, placing toppings and more as you race against the clock.

Compete against other pizza makers on the Game Center Leaderboards. Share your achievements, scores, and pizza maker profile on Facebook and Twitter.

Then when you’re done order it from Domino’s. Hmm pizza – great little app.

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Point the way to the perfect picnic

November 28, 2011
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Okay, we’re way past picnic season now, well this is unless you’re a total picnic freak! But I thought it well worth a quick review of the excellent Country Life – Great British Picnics app.

Created by Grey London, the app opens up great British picnic sites (unsurprisingly!), to anyone with a smart phone and an appetite for soggy sandwiches, suspect sausage rolls, and a special passion for alfresco dining.

Yes, the app is essentially a brand promotion piece, but it’s not unreasonable to surmise that Country Life may see themselves as bastions of British summer sun-drenched dining (well, drenched anyway – we’re always holding hope for the sun!).

As well as the plethora of picnic spots and supporting recipe ideas, that app makes great use of augmented reality mapping – for digital ‘vandalism’ of the country side, treasure hunt games, and of course weather forecasts – where would us Brits be without them, especially when planning a picnic!

The app itself has a lovely rustic style, and feels great to touch. I really love the way Grey chose to promote the app, etching QR codes onto various countryside objects. Great idea.

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Is Christmas rubbish?

November 25, 2011

With exactly 1 month to go before the big day – Here’s a rubbish idea from Wieden + Kennedy – throw your rubbish out in the most festive way possible this Christmas.

Plum pudding bin bags aim to bring a little festivity to your drive way! Available to buy from Urban Outfitters – here.

Love it!

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A mint of an idea…

November 24, 2011

…Once upon a time, there were Altoids. A mint so strong, it changed the course of history forever (and ever and ever). Here lies a collection of Curiously Strong relics from Altoids’ storied past, on display and at auction to the highest bidder.

Altoids Hall of Curiosity, created by Energy BBDO, is a beautifully simple idea for a site – tell the brand story through ‘items’ collected along way.

That’s all very nice, but the really engaging thing about this site, is that you can actually bid for the items on display. All the brand’s ‘relics’ have been places on eBay for anyone and everyone to bid on. It’s such a simple idea, but it transcends the concept beyond a meaningless (albeit well conceived and written) marketing message, into something that somehow feels more real.

The fact that you’re reading about, and have the opportunity to own, ‘real’ relics, together with their uses of eBay as a brand extension tool, really does give Altoids credibility. The site looks good too, set up as a gallery, it has an interestingly curious feel. And to keep you coming back they’re adding more stuff all the times.

I love it!

Scion Surface Experience

November 23, 2011

Following on from yesterday’s ‘touching’ post – The Scion Surface Experience is a unique interactive installation for the 2011/2012 Auto Show season, that enables the exploration of the brand’s product, racing and cultural affiliations in a highly interactive way.

JUXT Interactive created a deck of eight unique cards that interact with a touch-based Surface table, and teamed up with fine artists from around the world and musicians from Scion’s A/V label to make the cards as collectible as they are functional.

When a card is placed on the surface, the table reveals photos, video content, regional sales info, and localized events. When the card is flipped over, it triggers a piece of a song. Placing all eight cards on the Surface at the same time plays the full song and gives guests a chance to remix the song in their own way, reinforcing the self-expression that is core to the Scion brand.

Stand visitors can also take their cards home and use them to download digital content related to the Auto Show experience.

SID LEE does retail space

November 22, 2011
YouTube Preview Image

Although it’s been up and running for a while now, I do love a lot of the ideas SID LEE came up with for the retail space of Videotron’s flagship store in Montréal.

Creating a retail experience that’s part physical part digital, perfectly bridges the gap between the two environments, fuses the advantages of both worlds, and certainly brings the customer a new and immersive experience.

SID LEE say that their main objective was to [arouse] the interest of potential customers through the use of new, dynamic channels designed to immerse customers in Videotron’s products.

It certainly looks an interesting environment to wonder through. The touchscreen technology – although in themselves are nothing ground-breaking – really do work for the brand, it’s interesting to see how a much ‘conceptualised’ technology, is being put to use within a real retail environment.

How far we’ve come with the union of the digital and the physical. I’m already thinking how this type experience could be enhanced by the customer being able to ‘carry’ their digital profile with them throughout the different retail zones, and maybe even throughout different retail stores.

The future of the high street is looking interesting again!

Check-in at UNIQLO

November 21, 2011

UNIQLO always seem to be producing interesting digital concepts based around the activity of their customers.

Maybe leading the way? Certainly dishing out lessons in how brands can use some of their social data in innovative and engaging ways, UNIQLO seem to always manage to harness their customers’ actions and turn them into interesting branded experiences.

Their latest offering – UNIQLO Checkin – created by Dentsu, visualises all the Check-in’s that their stores get throughout Japan, and presents this data back in a very stylistic, really quite enchanting way.

Aimed at bringing a little storefront activity to the web, as well as motivating customers to visit their local UNIQLO, the site is a lovely, friendly and fun way for the brand to give a little something back for all those valued check-in’s.

It also shows what you can do with all the social/brand data that’s out-there, if you just think a little bit different.

Sitting ducks?

November 18, 2011

Do we really need to say any more!..

With a smart execution that perfectly captures our current crisis, DDB UK has created this beautifully simple ad for the Financial Times.

With the Euro and EU in deep crisis – the member nations are getting picked off like a duck shoot in a fairground.

The print and online ads will appear in the Financial Times and on

The Stake

November 17, 2011

The Stake is a unique competition that gives you the chance to decide how £100,000 is spent AND allows you to turn a bright idea in to a reality.

Connecting to the site via Facebook, you can enter the competition by either pitching or backing an idea with the chance of making it a reality. By completing a number of challenges you can increase the number of voting stakes you have around your idea (there are 6 stakes in total to be earned).

The top 20 ideas with the most stakes will be shortlisted and judged by a panel from Channel 4 and Barclays, with six winners being given £20,000, to make their ideas a reality.

The site, created by Made Media and Livity, is a great example of how to go about engaging with young people online. With challenges to be undertaken and badges to be won, the site employs a smart level of game-play to front the serious subject to business planning and fiscal education.

With a £100K up for grabs for innovative, actionable and realistic ideas, the stakes really are high.

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