Sony Tablet S

October 30, 2011

Odopod have created a nice HTML 5 site to promote Sony’s Tablet S. The simple, clean site is constructed around a single page ‘experience’, that uses the now well (some may say over) used HTML5 animated scrolling technique to take the user on a ‘journey’ through the products’ features.

Well worth checking out: Sony Tablet S

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October 27, 2011

United Visual Artists have designed the 2011-12 identity for the onedotzero festival. The identity will be used as a trailer and introductory film for onedotzero events, and UVA will also present an installation, titled Horizon, at the BFI Southbank during the festival, which takes place in London from November 23-27.

Watch the sting here.

via: Creative Review

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3’s TV sopt – Drops

October 26, 2011

W+K London have launched a new campaign for Three, the UK’s fastest-growing mobile network.

The campaign aims to highlight the fact that Three is the fastest-growing mobile network in the UK. And points the audience towards Three’s ‘all-you-can-eat-data on a great range of smartphones’ offer.

It’s the first work that the agency has produced for Three since its appointment back in January, and the ad is a pre-cursor to a large integrated campaign scheduled to break in 2012.

I guess the main aspect of the TV spot – Drops – is the visual linking system that blends each scene together. It’ll be interesting to see if this is the theme that binds all the creative, and if so, how it’ll manifest across channels.

Suwappu by Dentsu

October 25, 2011

A couple of months ago Dentsu London launched Suwappu, an interesting toy and media concept.

For those who don’t know them, Suwappu is a range of eight original toy characters, each with swappable tops and bottoms that can be read with connected devices (on your phone, iPad, etc). When you look at the characters through a lens, 3D urban, woodland, and marine environments animate according to each character, and the toys talk to each other and to you, in animated speech bubbles.

Supporting the overall concept, Dentsu have launched an iPhone app that allows for greater interaction between you and your Suwappu.

One of the interesting things about the app is that it isn’t reading markers in the form of QR or any other kind of code; it’s reading the unique facial features, the colours and the form of the individual Suwappu characters.

I love the concept – especially that the characters could be having conversations with each other all the time, and you only join in when you want. Then again I’d wonder what they were saying about me!

Google’s digital bookcase

October 24, 2011

I’ve always been a big fan of Google’s experiments. Apart from the sense you get that these are simply a chance for their gangs of techie’s flex their geek-powered prowess, they also point to interesting glimpses into the future of digital interface design.

WebGL Bookcase is just one of those. Built to answer the question – ‘What would a bookcase look like if it held digital books?’, the site is an experimental interface that lets you browse over 10,000 titles using WebGL and the Google Books API.

The end effect you get is an interface that’s as fluid and engaging and the data it manages to control. In many ways the site delivers an addictive experience, being able to drag, spin and dip-in-and-out-of the sits’s content, in such a ‘human’ way, makes for a really ergonomic experience.

So, if you want to take a peek at the library of the future, just check out Google’s playtime – WebGL Bookcase.

How much time have you got for Advertising Mail?

October 22, 2011

Here’s an interesting little idea for an information focussed micro site from the Royal Mail to promote their new Advertising Mail service.

The site’s premise, developed by Proximity London, is pretty simple – ‘you tell us how much time you’ve got, and we’ll present you with relevant content that can be consumed before your clock runs out’.

The interesting element of the site is that the busy marketeer gets to control the amount of content on the screen by using an active slider, that ‘animates’ content in and out depending on the selected timeline.

I’m not saying it’s a new concept, but it is a well executed way to engage your audience and present them with just the right amount of content to keep them interested.

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October 21, 2011

FootFall is Preloaded’s latest project for C4 Education, and it looks like another good one. The game lets a player run their own shoe shop with an emphasis on stock management and window design.

The Facebook-only game sets out to demonstrate the social, environmental and financial impact of decisions made when running a business. This very much focusses in on C4’s commissioning themes of entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

As well as looking good, and I’ve no doubt being fun to play, the game looks to instil the importantly concept that running a profitable business doesn’t mean running an evil empire.

The chaps at Preloaded have been calling it a socially-minded social game, which sounds good to them- and me!

If you’re interested in finding out a little more about the The anatomy of a social game check out their case study.

FootFall Facebook Page.

Leave Ordinary Behind – visit South Africa

October 20, 2011

It’s not that often that you come across a site (or in this case a true online experience) that really does do what it say’s on the ‘tin’. But Leave Ordinary Behind is one just of those.

The experience, created by Reborn for South African Tourism, takes the user on a virtual experience of the country’s beautiful scenery and captivating culture. Ok you say, cool, but I can get that from lots of sites… Well, as soon as you load up the home screen, you realise this is different, you really are about to leave those ordinary travel sites behind.

Right from the outset, you connect with your Facebook account, to be presented with a nice looking Google maps based navigation. By dragging your desired ‘experiences’ onto the main timeline, you create your very own South African adventure.

The experience culminates with you sitting back and watching your adventure played out in front of your eyes – taking you from the ordinary (elements from your Facebook) to the extra ordinary (footage of South Africa).

It’s certainly an engaging site, that’s different enough to grab the attention, and with the associated deals side of the site, a real boon to the destination.

Football world cup interactive wall

October 19, 2011

To kick off the run up to Russia’s world cup, the Football World Cup 2018 Organising Committee ran a forum: “Russia — the Country of Sports”, from 8—10 of September 2011, in Saransk, Russia.

One of the key displays of show was this really rather wonderful interactive wall. The 8 round multi-touch displays were mounted into 18 meters wide wall in a individual pavilion. Each of them running interactive presentation of the history of all World Cups. The upcoming 2014 (Brazil) and 2018 (Russia) event’s sections had comprehensive information on the cities where games will be played and stadiums which will be built by that time.

The installation, created by Interactive Lab was based on a series of unique photos of real balls from the finals of past football world cups. Visitors could rotate every ball’s 3D model, immersing into the history of football. The photos were provided by Jens Heilmann, who has been “hunting down” the historic football balls for years. New photos are posted regularly on his project’s site

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Nike T90 Strike Counter

October 16, 2011

Listening to a conversation that way raging in my local this afternoon (just after the Sunday footy had finished), this cool little app came to mind – it’s all about the goal!

AKQA have created an excellent little Facebook App for Nike Football that allows the scorer to add their goal in perfect detail. Using the T90 Strike Counter Facebook app, you can catalog ‘the moment’ and upload a shareable 3D visualisation of your goal.

It basically takes the scorers bragging rights out of the pub and onto Facebook. Great idea.

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