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September 30, 2011

Poke have collaborated with The Huffington Post UK on a new social polling project – The Gauge. It’s a real-time tool for measuring public opinion about breaking news, in a distinctly social way.

The Gauge invites everyone to weight in with their opinions on The Huffington Post UK‘s biggest stories of the day. You can cast your vote on the controversy, share your opinion on Facebook and Twitter, and see how your view sizes up agains the perspectives of The Huffington Post UK’s blogging community, other Gauge users, and your own network of friends.

Go on: have your say.



It’s UP2U: choose your Mentos

September 29, 2011

Run from zombies or take part in a crazy Japanese game-show, become a hip-hop star or an astronaut in the future – the choice is up to you.

To launch the new Mentos line of chewing gum ‘UP2U’, the brand turned to Unit9 and The Martin Agency to create a campaign site that would be as sticky as the product could become.

UP2U is a browser-based experience holding eight very different, and yet subtly synchronised films. While watching, viewers can switch between different films, they have the choice to choose their flavours.

The eight films were written and shot by Anrick and his team in London, and were filmed with their own actors, set design, and a bespoke score composed for the project.

It’s a great site, slightly strange, and a little freaky at times, but none the less sticky for it!

2012 Beetle: stylish by design

September 28, 2011

For the release of its 21st Century Beetle, Volkswagen have commissioned a new, and I have to say very stylish, site. The New Beetle website makes beautiful use of HTML5 techniques to deliver an experience that shows the history of the iconic car scrolling on the vertical axis from 1945 to 2011.

But they didn’t stop with the development of an interesting site for an interesting product. There’s also an interesting way to navigate the site – just point your smartphone at the site, enter a unique code, and drive the scrolling directly from your phone. Interesting idea. Worth a look.



Bell Social Portrait

September 26, 2011
YouTube Preview Image

Here’s an interesting idea from Bell, created by Teehan + Lax – visualising your social comment into an ‘artwork’ that’s personal to you.

With the Bell Social Portrait, you use the words you’ve shared online to create a Social Portrait of your digital self.

The social app aims to drive interest in Bell’s ‘superphone’ offer, by encouraging Social Portraits to be featured in the gallery, and shared on the social networks they came from. If your Social Portrait is the most ‘liked’, you could end up on a billboard in the town or city you live in, with a superphone of your choice and free service for a year.

Lessrain more snow

September 22, 2011

To coincide with the “The Art of FLIGHT” movie which premiered 7th September, Lessrain launched a cool new online game for Red Bull:

The Art of FLIGHT game powers you to enjoy an adrenalin-fuelled ride, based on snowboarder Travis Rice’s experience of riding several of the most extreme terrains across some of the most remote places on Earth.

Featuring three un-lockable levels with breathtaking landscapes set across the USA, Alaska and Patagonia, Argentina. The Art of FLIGHT game challenges you to use your dexterity and reaction speed to test your online snowboarding skills.

It’s one of those addictive little games that, when you get hooked, you just can’t move away from. Its stickiness is helped in no small part by the challenge of unlocking the next level.

Although it’s all been done before, this is a nice version, and certainly goes a way to engage with its audience and hooking them into the beautifully shot movie…

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Google Chrome: The Johnny Cash Project

September 21, 2011
YouTube Preview Image

I’m sure you didn’t miss TheJohnnyCashProject, but if you did happen to, it’s well worth a look. I guess it’s one of those moment when you see the true power of collaboration via the web.

Johnny Cash fans from around the world use the web to join together and create a music video memorializing his last recording. Each fan illustrates their own frame of the video. As people all over the world contribute, the project continues to evolve and grow, one frame at a time. Watch, and then get an exclusive Johnny Cash theme for Chrome here: http://goo.gl/vNL4D

For the complete work please visit http://www.TheJohnnyCashProject.com. Created by Chris Milk, Aaron Koblin and Rick Rubin.

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Leo Burnett does DM

September 20, 2011
YouTube Preview Image

I have to say, as DM pieces go, this is pretty special. Leo Burnett’s “Apple Box”, not only is it going to grab your attention when it lands on your desk, it’s also has a lovely little back story.

The direct mail piece was created by Leo Burnett Sydney to serve as a self-promotional piece detailing the rich heritage of Leo Burnett as an agency and brand. Winner of a 2011 Silver Design Lion at the Cannes Festival of Creativity.

I want one!

Diesel Island FW11

September 19, 2011

Interesting re-working of the Diesel Island campaign (that I’ve talked about before). This time Stink Digital and Santo London have crafted the sovereign nation’s constitution into a fully loaded HTML5 driven picturebook, containing a mixture of multi-media experiences.

Diesel Island FW11 is a nicely created site, fitting of the brand’s essence, and looks as interesting and ‘different’ as the product line promises to be.

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Vodafone BufferBusters AR

September 15, 2011
YouTube Preview Image

Vodafone in Germany has launched a new mobile campaign aimed at promoting the network’s speed of service. Buffer Busters is an augmented reality based game that encourages players to ‘bust’ all that is slow in their everyday surroundings.

The goal in the game is to capture these ‘monsters’ by using a smart phone and dumping them in Vodafone Stores or online. The best Buffer Busters will win a lifetime plan from Vodafone.

With the brief ‘Vodafone is the fastest mobile network in Germany’, North Kingdom have developed a great looking app, that certainly answers the client’s brief, and manages to actively engage its target audience in a very physical way.

It’s an interesting idea for a campaign. With the game play looking pretty engaging, and although it’s not a particularly new, the time based seek and destroy concept has been executed brilliantly.

via: adverblog

BMW solution to parking tickets

September 12, 2011
YouTube Preview Image

Nice App from BMW that aims to solve that dreaded look at the windscreen when you know you’ve pushed the parking time just that little too long!

With the BMW ParkingAssistant, Denkwerk and BMW are making relaxed parking possible (according to them). The ParkingAssistant for the iPhone announces when the user needs to leave their current location in order to reach their parked vehicle in time – and even displays the route. Nice idea.

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