Google – Beat the Boot

August 31, 2011

To promote the boot speed of the new ChromeOS powered Chromebooks, Google turned to North Kingdom for something just a little different.

The challenge: to make people aware of the new Google laptop’s speedy boot up time – no more than 8 seconds is required to load your favorite website.

The Solution:Beat the Boot‘, a collection of small but very challenging games racked up in a row to challenge your speed skills.

Inspired by games like WarioWare and Mario Party, North Kingdom developed a sequence of simple games that challenged users thinking and spatial skills under severe time pressure. The purpose was to manifest how little time 8 seconds really is and reflect the super fast Chromebook boot up.

Building on their work for Bounce Ball (another great Google game), North Kingdom pushed the limits of HTML5, getting the most out of the user experience; sound effects and animations are nicely synced and very responsive based to the users actions, making the overall feel of the game match its great looking visuals.

The output of all this is a strikingly crafted game based campaign, that is as fun and engaging to play as it is at communicating its message.

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The rise of the QR Code #infographic

August 26, 2011

More interesting QR stats that might surprise you (US data):

  • QR codes are scanned more by women (64%) than men (36%)
  • 35-44 year old users have scanned the most
  • 87% of users expect a coupon or deal when they scan a code
  • 68% of scans are done via iPhone
  • New York is the leading city in the US for QR code scanning
  • The most QR codes scanned globally are in Japan

See the full picture: (more…)

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August 25, 2011

QR (quick response) codes have been popular in Japan since their invention in 1994. But now this two-dimensional barcode system is starting to infiltrate the rest of the world. Already this year, the UK has seen a near doubling of QR code usage since the end of 2010.

More and more we’re starting to see QR codes pop up everywhere, on TV, posters, billboards, in magazines and on all sorts of products from t-shirts to soap boxes. They’ve become the ‘on-trend’ way to attract those people with a smartphones to your website, allowing them keyboard-free access to all the information you serve up online.

And it’s not just access to websites whilst on the move, QR codes can be crafted to generate a phone call, send an SMS message, or simply present an alert on the mobile viewers screen.

Tapping into this trend, the BBC have got creative with a QR code and tailored it to incorporate their logo.

Simple, but I love it!

Google does brand rich catalogs

August 24, 2011
YouTube Preview Image

Introducing Google Catalogues, a new rich, interactive way to browse all your favorite catalogs on a tablet.

The app allows you to swipe through the catalogue’s pages similar to that of a flip book. It then allows the user to extend out each product’s details, through the playing videos and other rich content, while providing a ‘Buy Now’ button to launch the brands online store. As an added benefit there’s also a ‘Find A Store’ button, which instantly links you to store location maps with directions – aiding the growing tend for ROBO.

developed for the iPad – interesting!

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YouTube’s new ad format puts the power back in your hands

August 22, 2011

Ever since the power sift from a corporate controlled, classically one-way focused TV experience, to a  freely ‘user controlled’, highly personalised, social web experience, there’s been a dilemma we have all been faceing:

Users want great content that they don’t have to pay for, but that’s also free from unwanted advertising. And advertisers want to supply great content that users love, but along the way they want to sell some product.

With the groundswell in digital devices allowing us to ‘ignore’ advertising, and a world turning to their ‘fiends’ for advice on what products they should be investing their hard earned cash in, you’d think that advertising really had acquired the evil edge that some would have us believe.

Personally speaking, I don’t subscribe to the theory that all corporate advertising is created to perform some kind of mind control trick, brain washing me into purchasing their product against my will, or at least my better nature.

I also don’t think, although it has many highly endearing qualities, that the social web is the answer to a free thinking utopia, where the individual is unshackled from the influencing powers of the few.

Without advertising we loose so much. We loose the ability to discover products that our friends don’t have. We loose the ability to hear, from the horses mouth, how these products could help us in our lives. We loose the ability to virtually try before we by – seeing the product in action. We loose that ability to decide for ourselves what we want to buy.

Following this path one could imagine a world where we’d all end up with a homogenised set of utilitarian essentials, things that we could all understood, could talk to one another about, but were indistinguishable from one another. That doesn’t sound like progress to me!

And lets not assume that the social web, with all its freedom, is free from ‘social influencers’. It’s not… (more…)

Perfect Symmetry

August 20, 2011

Loving this video created by Everynone exploring symmetry through a set of thought-proving split screen images. The idea is so simple yet the result is simply stunning.

Sometimes you’ve just got to sit back and watch someone’s view on life in perfect symmetry!

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Moscow’s mobile road safety reality

August 19, 2011
YouTube Preview Image

‪Moscow’s Ministry of Internal Affairs have used a mobile app to alert, educate and introduce a heavy dose of reality into the growing issues of Road Safety within the city.

The simple, yet brilliant idea utilities smartphones’ inbuilt location aware capabilities, together with an innovative augmented reality app to virtually show users the ‘hidden’ dangers of the roads they user everyday.

The campaign, created by Leo Burnett Worldwide, just demonstrates the power of the of the medium beyond that of brand promotion.

Promoting the concept, QR code bodies were spread around the city encouraging users to download the app and there was also a web based version for those who didn’t have smart phones.

It’s a clever campaign that takes a different approach to the usual shock TV spots, but is non the less shocking for it.

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Is this The End?

August 18, 2011

The End is a great game of self-discovery aimed at 14-19 year olds, which integrated strategy, puzzles and philosophical questions into a world that explores a range of views about death, beliefs and science.

The beautifully crafted game, created by Preloaded for Channel4, looks to engage today’s ‘youth’ in some of the more moralistic issue facing them, in a world lacking of such educational teachings. Perhaps now more than ever, in the aftermath of rioting Britain, we need this type of pedagogic expression.

The game itself is a delight. The smooth navigational control makes game play a breeze, and the stunning visuals confirm that Preloaded really are masters of this type of media. It’s also very informative, pretty addictive and simple good fun.

So you can’t help thinking that The End is simply just the beginning!

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New Balance Urban Dash App

August 17, 2011
YouTube Preview Image

Nice campaign from New Balance to promote their first Flagship store in New York.

The ARG based concept drives traffic to store by creating a city-wide ‘urban dash’, challenging players to find hundreds of virtual batons throughout New York, before running to the new flagship store while still in possession of that baton.

Each day they are releasing 20-30 batons, and if you make it to the store with one, you’ll score a free pair of New Balance 574 Shoes instantly, but if you manage to collect the most virtual batons out of everyone in NYC, you’ll take home an exclusive 14k Gold Baton worth over $20k!

via DigitalBuzzBlog

Nestea – starting something new

August 16, 2011

Perfect Fools have create a nice Facebook app aimed at encouraging a friend to start something new — the Start-O-Matic facebook app, created with Wieden+Kennedy London for Nestea.

The idea is to single out a friend you think should get going on something new, and invite up to eight mutual friends to contribute with photos and personalised messages and video clips. The app then assembles everything together with graphics and music from a selected theme into a ‘Start-O-Matic’ film, delivered straight to your unknowing friend!

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