The Vogue pocket stylist

July 27, 2011

You know what it’s like, you’re out on a serious Saturday shopping spree, but you just don’t know what to buy to get the right ‘look’, fashions change as fast as a seamstress snip. One false purchase and it’s game over, you’ll be banished to the fashion backwaters. It’s serious stuff!

Fortunately Vogue have come the the rescue of these fatigued fashion followers. Vogue Stylist is a pocket personal stylist, pointing the fashionista towards the latest on-trend look, whilst promoting pertinent products.

The app, created by Steady, is simple, sophisticated and stylish. However its somewhat limited scope does leave it a little wanting for the average high street shopper (but I guess that’s the point!).

The interface, albeit a little basic, does feel good, it’s easy to navigate and there’s a nice click through to buy function. It is however the photography that makes the app (as you’d expect from a Vogue product), the sense if high fashion runs right through the experience.

To make the whole experience fully engaging though, Vogue could have been a little more social in their approach. The app, I feel, could have been greatly enhanced by the addition of an element of social sharing – allowing trend setters to show off their fashionable credentials. And a geolocation function could add a hyper-local element, driving customers to fashionable store, feeding the trend for ROPO.

Overall the concept certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a dedicated follower of fashion it’s a essential addition to your pocket.

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Toyota Vision Multi-Touch Wall

July 26, 2011

Back in January, Toyota debuted the largest digital multi-touch installation ever seen at the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. GPJ and JUXT Interactive created the digital touch wall experience to deliver a feast for the senses, allowing consumers to explore videos, photos and custom content through a larger-than-life, interactive surface.

Citroën DS4SEEKERS – points mean prizes

July 25, 2011
YouTube Preview Image

Citroen have launched a new campaign for the DS4 called DS4 Seekers. The campaign, created by OMD UK, is essentially a game of hide and seek, with the campaign’s audience seeking out virtual cars in the real world via their mobile phones or online via Facebook.

Each day players are given a virtual DS4 to hide on the real streets around them, and for every DS4 found (or hidden), they’ll get an entry into the draw to score a brand new Citroen DS4. Those who can’t get out and about can play online via a custom Google Street View mashup.

The campaign very much follows a lot of traits that’s making social advertising so powerful at the moment:

  • It makes its audience work a little – getting them fully engaged
  • It’s mobile – getting people physically ‘campaign active’
  • It lives on Facebook – getting it likes
  • It’s inherently social – getting it talked about
  • It delivers a worth-the-effort reward mechanism (points mean more chance of prizes) – making it sticky

Oh yes, and it’s a nice idea too.

Google good things

July 22, 2011

Maybe it’s because I’ve spend the last couple of days playing around in Google+, but I’m liking (oh no, isn’t the a Facebook term?!) some of the stuff Google are putting out at the moment.

If you’re interested in Apps, check out their rather retro styled, but very nicely crafted HTML5 site App Galaxy – for not just a guide on how to build a mobile app, but how to make it a proper mobile business.

Then check out Google’s In-App Payments API offering. “The effective way to make money while keeping your customers engaged in your web app”.

YouTube Preview Image

Google seem to be trying very hard at the moment to make the mobile space much less alien!


NatWest on iPad – simply the best

July 21, 2011

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that really matter.

I’ve been running the NatWest app for a while now, and I have to say it’s simply lovely. The simple functionality is all that I need when I’m out and about. The simple usability makes it a breeze to use. The simple interface (great work by AKQA) looks amazing every time I start it up. And the simple way it makes my life easier just puts a smile back on my face (shame the balance always seems to wipe it off again!).

For an app, it’s simply the best.

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Maersk Fleet goes all HTML5

July 20, 2011

I have to confess, when I started this creative/digital marketing blog, I never imagined I’d be writing a little post about the innovative nature of a commercial freight shipping company. But isn’t that the best thing about this business!

Maersk Fleet have launched a new site utilising all the goodies of HTML5, CSS3 and dynamic scaling, to showcase and engaging rich medial experience about their main assets – their ships.

The site itself is a real glimpse into what a modern, device friendly, interactive website looks like. Using the full array of technologies available (some full screen video, some animation, some mapping), the creative team – TRIPLE LBi, have managed to craft a thoroughly engaging, highly addictive (in many ways) site.

Apart from the site looking great, it also holds some pretty interesting information – I’m thinking mainly of the ‘live map’ function that allows you to see where all the Maersk ships are currently positioned globally.

Who’d have thought cargo shipping could be so interesting!

8 Golden Rules for successful mobile marketing

July 18, 2011

Which channel is used to make phone calls, check emails, research products, shop on the move, shorten boring commutes with entertainment, and even act as an alarm clock? Mobile.

As our lives have become ever more connected, so we need to be ‘in touch’ with out networks wherever we happen to be. The power of having the internet in our pockets has driven an astonishing grown in ‘smarter’ mobile take-up and, has along the way, changed the way we all use the www.

With estimates from Gartner that mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device worldwide by 2013, and the tablet, only launched last year, is predicted to ship 44.6 million devices by the end of this year (IDC 2011), mobile – as a communications channel – needs to be an essential part in any marketing mix. But how do you ensure success and get it right?

The shape of the market

One of the first things to consider when starting to think mobile is what the channel actually is.

Today we’re no longer simply talking about mobile phones, the growth of the tablet market has, if anything, been even more dramatic than that of the smartphone. There’s connected devices in cars, and intelligent digital station within ‘smart’ displays units. The mobile web has literally weaved its way seamlessly into our personal and physical environments.

So we have a active mobile network, with a highly tech savvy community, all carrying smarter and smarter devices – the market is getting complicated! And lets not assume that all of our audience are using ‘smart’ devices, we’ll also need to take account of the dumb old cell phone. (more…)

Wheel of Concept

July 15, 2011

Sometimes you may not have an idea, but you still need to make that meeting. Fortunately, now there’s an easy way to be a ‘rock star’.

Spin Tribal DDB‘s Wheel of Concept, download your concept board, and seal the deal.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

July 12, 2011

Remember the Alice in Wonderland and Touching Stories apps as benchmarks for interactive storytelling on the iPad. The iPad2 brings a natural progression with The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, by the film makers at Moonbot Studios.

via Adverbolg

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Creative agency network: Dentsu

July 11, 2011

The Dentsu Network say that they are ‘the most future-obsessed network in the world’. A pretty big claim from a group operating in such a vision shaping industry. But having said that, with agencies such as Attik, 360i, Steak and Firstborn within the network you can’t argue with the ambition.

With so much creativity on offer within the network, how do you go about promoting your services and who do you use to deliver the goods?

With a beautifully crafted HTML5 site the honers fell to Firstborn – stepping outside their Flash prowess. The result utilises strong typography and a distinctive colour palette to present the network’s story – past, present and future – in an engaging, attractive and highly absorbing way. The site simple and efficiently connects with its audience, builds and interesting story and leave you wanting to explore more.

Overall the site looks great, communicates well and looks as good on the mobile as it does in the browser.

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