Sleep better with IKEA

May 18, 2011


IKEA have recently launched a new campaign for it’s bedding catalog, the A Better Sleep For Everyone campaign site, produced by Kokokaka, takes you on a journey of discovery through 6 different mattresses.

Each of the 6 ‘experiences’ is shown through the eyes of a different Swedish artists, each of them interpreting a classic lullaby performed in a dreamy and surreal music video.

By scrolling up and down the user can change between the artist’s music videos and the different mattresses. Experience, for instance, a soulful Tingsek having problems with falling asleep. Just like the princess from the famous fairy tale he gets annoyed by something hard under the pile of mattresses. But guess what? It’s not a pea, it’s Tingsek’s band!

The site itself is beautifully crafted, with lovely video production, well shot photography and fully on-trend use of HTML5 techniques. The site not only works as well on the desktop as it does on the mobile, it really does manage to capture an atmospheric, highly dreamlike mood.

It’s a lovely way to bring the importance of those sleeping hours fully into the conscious. So check in out and let yourself fall asleep to beautifully performed lullabies!

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Toying with brand analytics

May 17, 2011


To coincide with the release of Millward Brown’s annual BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands study, JWT London have created an online tool for tracking brand data.

Brand Toys is a creative and playful tool for interrogating the serious subject of business sentiment and brand buzz.

Every ‘toy’ is created using the same design rules, so that you can make powerful comparisons between brands just by looking at them. You can see how the same brands may differ across various countries around the world, or you can see how a brand differs from its competitors.

The tool analysis key brand attributes including: familiarity; potential; trustworthiness; charisma; sentiment and chatter to name but a few, to visually structure its results in an interesting, if rather ‘quick reference’ way.

For me, Brand Toys beats all those endless lists by displaying its highly analytical data in a way that kinda means something to even the most un-brand savvy viewer.

Smart ads – whatever the weather

May 16, 2011


John Lewis have just commissioned a set of really rather smart banners (check them out here). If you’re about to pop out and simply can’t decide what to wear, then come rain or shine these ads, created by Unit9, will ensure you’re never caught out.

The banners utilise geolocation technology and a smart weather API to determine the users local weather condition. Based on this information, the banner shows the outfit that is most suitable for the local conditions.

The user can interact by scrolling forwards and back through the various looks to suit a variety of weather conditions. On rollover, every single item of clothing and accessory can be shared by facebook, twitter and mail, or simply bought directly from the John Lewis store.

Sanofi create an identity of hope

May 14, 2011
YouTube Preview Image

One of my old clients – Sanofi – has just launched a new identity based around the concept of hope.

It has to be said, ‘hope’ is quite a grand aspiration to be building your visual identity around, but being one of the largest global pharmaceutical companies, the concept isn’t without an element of brand truth.

Summing up their essence, Sanofi cite their new icon “represents the hope that [the organisation] brings to the 7 billion people around the world and its focus on the patient.”

The identity itself moves away from the overtly people focus of the past an onto something much more ethereal and ideological. The four colours of the identity (white, blue, green, ochre) represent life: air – water – earth – fire.

A strategy for hope

As Sanofi’s strategy is built on three key principles (Innovation, Adaptability, Growth) the icon is made of three shapes that make a whole: a planet with the bird of hope in the centre… (more…)

Pin it to win it

May 13, 2011


Here’s a nice little campaign for Contiki, created by Poke. To promote a set of new travel tours in South America, Poke created a competition challenge called Pin Me If You Can.

The premise of the campaign – Five locals show their surroundings in a set of video clues and give hints about the location. All you have to do is drop a pin on the map to guess where they are—not which town they’re in, but the very spot on which they’re standing.

To enter the competition you connect up via Facebook, pick your shot and pin the person on the Google map.

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Get a little Camper weather

May 12, 2011


Have you ever popped onto the BBC weather site and been left with a sad face? Those hopeful Saturday evening BBQ dreams simply washed right away? All too often in my location! Well, don’t have a sad face, smile whatever the weather with Camper’s new weather tracker.

Have a Camper Day is a great little campaign site from Camper, created by Herraiz Soto & Co, that aims to make you laugh in the face of any weather system.

It’s a simple site, but beautifully crafted, also available as a lovely little app. And if nothing else, it’ll help you to choose the right shoes to put on that day!

Guinness iAd: More Life in the Dark

May 11, 2011
YouTube Preview Image

Guinness have just launched this amazing iAd campaign, that forms part of their current ‘There’s More Life in the Dark’ digital campaign, which aims to inspire it’s audience into having a great – with a pint or two of the black stuff!

The iAd, created by Tullo Marshall Warren (TMW) and built by Apple, displays a lot of the great attributes that the iAd platform offers – it’s highly interactive, rich in experiential content, is location aware, really engages with its target audience, and simply looks amazing.

The iAd itself opens with the narrator promising to show you where the best nights out are happening. It then split into four sections ‘pubs, gigs, comedy and sports’, each encouraging viewers to find great nearby events and venues using the iPhone’s location based functionality.

Helping the user purchase a nice pint of Guinness at a noisy gig, the Ad’s interactive dial allows the user to choose how many friends they want to buy a Guinness for, 1, 2, 3 or 4. They can then save the image ‘2 pints of Guinness please!’ to their iPhone and show it at the bar to place an order.

Is this the standard all others will need to follow? I’d say so – both in the iAd’s creativity of execution and in the functionality of the Ad network’s platform. Brilliant.

via: digitalbuzzblog

Fill in the blanks with Lynx Stream

May 10, 2011


Have you ever had one of those nights out that leaves you trying to fill in the alcohol induced blanks?

Well, Unilever owned Lynx has introduced an app and campaign site – The Lynx Stream – that lets you and your friends record the highlights of your night and then share it the next day.

The app, created by Razorfish NY, is part campaign, part social media platform, and part tracking tool. It’s available for iPhones and Android-based phones, and allows users and their friends to record photos, videos, checkins, tweets and status updates from the night out, and The Stream will compile the evidence and display it the following day.

YouTube Preview Image

It’s a nice looking app, and the interface of the display site is clean yet dynamic.

It’s a great idea and taps into an already active crowd, who are checking in, tweeting and videoing their social events every time their out anyway. The Lynx apps simply brings it all together into one simplified stream. Isn’t that the idea of good technology!

Paint the town digital with 5 Gum

May 9, 2011


I love the idea of this campaign for 5 Gum created by Tribal DDB (South Africa) and North Kingdom.

The concept of the campaign is that you can create your very own 3D building projection – through the very nicely crafted campaign site – and have it project live onto real buildings across two of South Africa’s major cities.

With over 400 projections being planned to ‘entertain’ an engaged, gum chewing crowd around Johannesburg and Cape Town, the campaign should create quite some buzz for the Wrigleys owned brand. I love the idea that the campaign aims to drive UGC through what is perhaps the latest cool thing-to-have technology for big brands – 3D digital building projection.

The only issue I see with the concept is its use of a technology that essentially covers city buildings with ‘art’, to sell a product that has a reputation for covering our cities streets with annoyingly sticky crap, is a little miss-aligned! Or am I over thinking it!?!

All the same, it looks to be an amazing couple of night down in SA, wish I could be there!

Get the party started with Adidas All Event

May 6, 2011
YouTube Preview Image

All Event is a cool little Facebook application, created by Sid Lee for Adidas.

The app was created as a social game to engage French Adidas fans into creating their own ‘event’. By adding virtual elements, from a given toolset, into their selected venue, the winning fan had a chance to see their event become a reality.

The All Event competition, now over, was a great way for Sid Lee to extend Adidas’s party focused advertising into the socially connected Facebook environment.

For me, the beauty of the app (now only available as a non competition archive) is its level of detail. As the party planner you have an amazing amount of control over who’s at the gig, what they’re gonna be doing, as well as the general atmosphere and vibe of what’s happening.

So whether heavy rock, sick skate street, or laid back and chilled out was your thing, you had the chance to create the vibe and foster votes to win the dream.

The app also ties nicely into Sid Lee’s inspiring Conversational Capital teachings. nice work.

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