Be a star player with Heineken

April 28, 2011
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Here’s a great idea from Heineken – created by AKQA, that takes the concept of predicting the outcome of every aspect of the on-pitch action and places it directly into the hands of every football fan.

Heineken’s Star Player gives you the ability to comment and predict what’s going to happen next for the chance to score. Through a great mobile and Facebook App you get to prove your footy instincts to get the glory.

Heineken say – Play live with the UEFA Champions League and anticipate the outcome of live match moments to score. Take on your friends – and the world.

It’s a creaking idea, engaging, and perfectly taps into the passions of every footy fan. Nice work.

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Volvo – redefining the car brochure

April 27, 2011
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Here’s a lovely iPad & iPhone App from Volvo for the S60. It takes the concept of the beautifully designed car brochure and updates it for today’s technically driven world.

The concept manages to retain all the classy design and ‘quality feel’ you’d expect from a car brochure, and seamlessly adds in all the latest digital widgets, without detracting form its core communications purpose. All in all makes for a very engaging experience.

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Jordan BCT Low

April 26, 2011


Sometimes all you need to standout is to be a little different.

With all the rust to implement Apps for this, social media strategies for that, and new technologies for the other, it’s somewhat refreshing to come across a campaign that is almost fully focused on the visual experience.

I’ve talked a little about Nike’s Jordan campaign work before, and here’s the latest offering by the always excellent Academy. Jordan BCT Low takes the user through a typographical ‘candy shop’ of a visual experience, in order to communication the thoughts of Tinker Hatfield on the History, Trunning, Performance and Design of the new shoe.

Simple but stylish.

'Like' it – in real life

April 23, 2011
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Ever wanted to share your offline (real life!) experience directly with your online friends without the bother of reaching for your smartphone?

Renault has made it possible by bringing the world of Facebook into the real world of the AutoRAI 2011. For the Amsterdam Motorshow they created an innovative and real-time social sharing experience. At the largest automotive event of The Netherlands, 250.000 visitors could like Renault cars through a RFID Facebook card.

This type of innovation starts to hint at the possibilities of fusing on and offline activities into one seamless social experience.

Technology has always been about making life easier – checking in became easier that having to constantly update your profile – now simple swiping the stuff you like will become easier than just telling your mates about it down the pub!

I don’t think this is the ultimate use for this type of technology, I can see many a more creative execution, but it’s an interesting start to what could fuse two very different worlds.

A Desire for Converse

April 22, 2011


Converse have recently launched a new campaign entitled Desire, which is all about connecting people through music – check out the music video featuring Paloma Faith, Graham Coxon, Bill Ryder-Jones and You (via a little Facebook connect function).

The video itself is beautifully shot, but the Facebook element is pretty minimal – could have been worked into a lot more to make it really engaging.

Supporting the campaign Perfect Fools have conceived and built, together with Anomaly and Intro, Converse UK’s first interactive retail installation. The experience is at Schuh’s flagship store in London’s Oxford Street.


It centers around an interactive window display where pedestrians can interact with the Desire video through motion detection. There is also an old school in-store terminal where Schuh shoppers can engage further. A mobile/social media twist is provided by a Facebook Places powered free give-away.


April 21, 2011


If you’re looking for a healthy mix of creativity, visual interaction and art-based-design, then Hellohikimori‘s new site is a great place to start your search. The creative team based out of central Paris offer a multi-discipline design service – with the ethos: create with pride.

Hellohikimori do have a certain style, and have packed some pretty decent projects on the back of it. Really nice work.

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The city is your playground

April 19, 2011

Here’s an interesting idea that’s taking the current trend for ARGs into the public transport domain.

Every journey counts. Swipe your Oyster card on London public transport, earn points, conquer stations, accept missions and challenge your friends. Chromaroma is a kind of Foursquare in motion.

via Adverblog

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An old classic reborn this Easter

April 18, 2011


The animated GIF comes back to life!

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A vote for clarity

April 15, 2011
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Confused by the choices you’ll be voting for in the upcoming UK referendum? Let Glue Isobar animate some clarity with this nice little short film.

They’ve produced an animated film to support the Electoral Commission’s nationwide public awareness drive around May’s referendum on the voting system. The interactive film, which will sit on the Commission’s website, as well as its YouTube channel, explains the two voting systems, First Past the Post and Alternative Vote, in a simple clear way with a little help from character, ‘Victor the Vote Counter’.

Simple. It does go to show that a good animation is worth more than a thousand words.

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Flying high

April 14, 2011
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Perfect Fools together with Mulu Film present the first video in a series of portraits where professional tool maker Bahco is capturing extraordinary mechanics around the globe.

The concept is that they all share the same passion for proper tools and genuinely good craft. The first piece features Mikael Carlson, one of a few in the world who can build and fly a certain type of old aircraft.

It’s a beautifully shot film, if the same quality of craftsmanship gets invested throughout the series they’re going to be a delight to watch.

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