Is Augmented the new Reality?

June 28, 2010


Augmented Reality is popping up everywhere as the way to promote your brand message. But is the reality of it a little gimmicky, or is the experience enhanced, enriched or made greater by its implementation?

I guess the answer lies in the application creative minds will apply to this technology. To date, I’ve seen a lot of uses of AR that, quite frankly, would be better served up using more ‘traditional’ channels. Most of the applications I’ve seen have had a heavy slant on the ‘hey, look at us, we’ve got something new’ factor, using the technology as a simple ‘buzz’ creator.

But I am convinced that this will change. People will find new, interesting, informative and useful applications of AR that will enhance the entertainment value currently on offer. This is already starting to happen with the likes of Toyota Auris (created by North Kingdom), Home Brew (created by Clusta) and Cheerios excellent Honey Defender (created by Saatchi & Saatchi NY).

In our times where change happens at great speed, this technology will have to improve dramatically for it to become a really effective marketing channel, but that could be just round the corner…



Create or Else

June 26, 2010


This week see’s Ogilvy create a new place on the web to celebrate what inspires creative ideas – Create or Else.

Ogilvy says, “The new global YouTube Channel is a destination to engage and encourage those around the world to become part of a community and conversation about what is inspiring”.

To create a holistically global take on what constitutes ‘creative inspiration’, the channel will be rotating its curators – sourced from around the world – to provide a changing line-up of video content that will include vignettes with inspirational subjects across all fields from arts to science to industry and beyond. As well as the YouTube channel you can also follow Create or Else on Twitter here.

Sounds like it’s going to be a destination well worthy of a bookmark.

Amnesty International

June 25, 2010

An amazingly powerful production from Digital District (agency TBWA) for Amnesty International. It’s a moving, thoughtful, provocative piece, that simply makes you think about some of the issues we still need to face in our, so called, free world.

The stunning work also has a beautiful connection to the Amnesty International brand.

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Billboard yourself

June 24, 2010

“Billboard yourself, you are made of music” is an interactive installation, created by Almap/BBDO in Brazil for Billboard Magazine.

The digital installation looks like it’s taking the concept of ‘everyone’s famous for 15 minutes’ into a new realm of online social exposure, with its linkup with Flickr – you can see the gallery Here.

The application itself has a real tactile feel, which seems to be the perfect ergonomically sound interface for the digital output. And it matches the brand experience just right.

I stumbled across it on Adverblog.

What is the price of global connectivity?

June 22, 2010


I’m always interested in looking at the design expressions of other cultures, especially when they’re communicating the virtues of the bigger global brands. For me, what’s insightful about this undertaking, is tracking the visual and experiential subtext of cultural difference. And whether this cultural signature can withstand societal convergence.

As technology, and the internet especially, unites our global community into a single homogeneous tribe, are we gaining the near nirvana of the single, universally captivating visual style, or loosing the precious sense of individualism?

As the world gets every more smaller, is our rush towards a fully connected world, with all its idealistic dreams of freedom of expression, the open spread of knowledge and the empowerment of the individual, a positive triumph in furthering mankind’s physical, sociological and economic growth?

Or, in our drive to treat all humanity as equal within the web – perhaps as a single point data node, are we in danger of trampling all over the delicate tapestry that makes human life so enriching and full of diversity? (more…)

iGap iPad

June 17, 2010


With the recent launch-to-the-consumer of Apple’s iPad, we’re starting to see the launch of various consumer based apps coming online for this new platform. So far things are looking good.

This new app created for GAP by AKQA is a great example of the sort of, device specific, applications we can look forward to interacting with. Clean, intuitive, and a pretty nice way to push product.

On first launch, I must admit I was quite skeptical about the whole iPad thing – thinking that the humble laptop was simply more ergonomic and had more to offer. But in this short amount of time, I’m coming around. The apps look great, and if all you wanna do is surf the web, tap an email or explore the wonders of the Apps it looks great. I want one!!

Winning with the Losers

June 16, 2010


If you’re a fan of the movies, you’ve probably been admiring the work of Prologue for some time now.

With an incredibly prestigious list of excellent titles and FX work, including: Iron Man 1&2, Tropic Thunder, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes and The Losers, to name but a few, their creative work really fills the screen and captivates the audience.

Defiantly one to watch in my book.

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How engaging is your brand?

June 15, 2010


I found this today, thanks to @faris, and it got me thinking – it’s a really interesting post.

It’s always been one of ‘those’ arguments – How do you calculate the value of your brand?

Hall and Partners suggests that up to two-thirds of a brand’s profits may rely on effective consumer engagement.

But how can one quantify this type of data? Well, Hall and Partners have developed a brand analysis model – The Engager – that links a brand’s level of customers engagement with its profit margins.

The interesting thing about the approach, from a brand perspective, is you find that companies with high levels of customer engagement also have high levels of profit margin. Thus proving the fact that an investment in customer engagement activity (brand building), has a tangible profit benefit. Great news for all us brand builders, but what does it mean for business?… (more…)

Augmented shadows

June 14, 2010

Joon Moon is a programmer, designer who is exploring the realm of interaction, generative code and motion design on a basis of visual communication design. According to Joon, this piece is entitled Augmented Shadow, used openframeworks. It’s a tabletop interface on where artificial shadows of tangible objects are  displayed. You can play with the shadows lying on the boundary between the real, virtual, and fantasy.

It’s certainly an interesting experiment into this type of technology. And an intriguing window into how, through an injection of digital creativity, the humble table top can gain greater and greater intelligence.

Are you having a laugh? The secret to a good ARG

June 12, 2010


The internet has bought us some pretty wonderful things in recent years: the ability to find an answer to a question within a nano second; the freedom to transcend physical borders and connect with like minded people wherever they are; the opportunity to buy a book on Northwest Regional Mongolian Throat Singing Techniques and have it delivered to your door a couple of days later, are just a few.

All pretty mind blowing stuff, when you think about it. And brands have been pretty adept at using these great digital channels to positively connect with their customers.

Now there’s a new channel making its way into the mix of the cutting edge, customer centric brand armory – the ARG.

An ARG (Alternate Reality Game) is an interactive narrative that uses both the digital and real worlds as a platform, often involving multiple media and game elements, to tell a story that may be affected by participants’ ideas or actions. (Wikipedia)

As touched upon before, Coca-Cola have used this method to ignite engagement and interest within its customer base. Now we’re seeing many more brands starting to look seriously at such ‘game play’ to create customer connections and drive interest and intrigue.

But what makes a really good ARG?… (more…)

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