A trucking good experience

May 29, 2010


Were you one of those kids that just wanted to drive a truck, but somehow your school careers teacher got you doing something pointless like working in an office of becoming and banker?

If so, then this is the site for you. The new Volvo FMX site lets you journey back to your childhood, to get behind the wheel of this 32 tonnes monster truck.

The site, created by a collaboration of Swedish agencies – Valentin & Byhr, Normal Inc and Lucky Punk, first initiates the user – to review their driving prowess, then hands over the keys to a truck load of information.

The user’s ‘driving skills’ are continually scrutinised throughout a sequence that involves some great footage of the FMX, and some equally engaging game play. The ‘driver’ must use their keyboard skills to keep the truck on track, collect a load and deliver it efficiently to its destination.

This type of user participation to receive a reward (the keys to the truck), builds upon one of the theories creating ‘Conversational Capital‘ a term defined by the team at Sid Lee as a key factor in developing positive word-of-mouth communications. And with the sites ability to post your driving results onto your favorite social network, this has to be one for positive chatter.

Overall the site looks and feels great, it has a good mix of informative content and rich, engaging interactivity. It certainly got this studio bound creative thinking about donning the boots and hitting the quarry – just for a weekend?!

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Just Customise It: in-store

May 27, 2010

Following on from recent thoughts on how digital is influencing the retail space – here and here, this great work for Nike’s in-store T-Shirt Customisation application, highlights the continuing strides being make in this emerging retail area.

The application, created by Steady – a studio specialising in the digital space and emerging platforms arena, is a brilliant example of how the ‘retail numb’ shopper, can get a healthy dose of digitally injected enthusiasm for the products they’re thinking of purchasing.

This customisation strategy feeds perfectly into today’s strong niche culture. A near unlimited number of T’s can be generated, allowing the customer to create their perfect branded fashion item.

As we’ve been told by Chris Anderson in The Longer Long Tail – the creation of endless choices builds unlimited demand – the more you offer the more they’ll buy. These emerging retail applications are building upon the theory that the simple manipulation of pixels, will always far out-way the ability for the humble bricks and mortar retail outlet to hold mass stock on the shelf.

Clever retailers will implement this type of technology to allow their shoppers to feel the cloth, try the size and check the style – before creating their ‘personal’ iconographic image, hitting the ‘buy now’ button, and heading off home to wait for the product to be FedExed the next morning.

A perfect use digital extension in a materialistic world.

Think Facebook's a waste of time in the Ad world?

May 24, 2010

Maybe Job Hall can change your mind. He’s created this Facebook Ad Explainer for the team at Transvideo. Hall say’s that – The goal was to educate potential corporate advertisers about the benefits of Facebook advertising.

It’s a nicely put together short, that surly must convert those remaining Luddites that still believe social media is just a flash in the pan!

Can you write the future?

May 23, 2010
YouTube Preview Image

With a World cup winning cast of footballers including Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Franck Ribery appear alongside such sports stars as Roger Federer and Kobe Bryant and celebs like Homer Simpson and Gael Garcia Bernal, Nike launch their ‘Write The Future’ campaign for Nike Football.

Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam has created this great spectacle of footballer’s future fortunes, just in time for the World Cup. The great Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu directs the elite cast of characters from football and entertainment in this anthem film. Just the talent alone shows Nike’s ‘World Cup’ quality with it comes to creating pure advertising magnetism.

I’d Write the Future as the campaign being a great success!

Meet Wenlock and Mandeville

May 21, 2010


Meet the cute and cuddly mascots of the London 2012 Olympics – Wenlock and Mandeville. Wenlock is the Olympic mascot and Mandeville is the Paralympic mascot.

The story is that they were formed from the last two drops of British steel used to create the Olympic stadium. That’s why they’re so shiny. Fortunately for the two little fellas, this shininess has a real character value – it reflects the people, places and things they meet along the way as they travel around the UK.

The mascots have been crafted really well, with just enough humanisation to allow them to reflect the sports they support. From a design perspective though, is it me, or is there more than a hint of ‘Euro style’ in there?

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Get Mobile & Shop – M&S lead the rise of mobile shopping

May 20, 2010


Will this week be a week to remember? Will it be a week that gets etched in retail history? Will it be a week that gains much column space in reviews of ‘things that have changed the retail environment’? Hmm, we’ll see. What it is however, is a week that sees a bastion of the British high street leap right into our modern digital era. It’s a week that sees Marks go mobile.

Marks & Spencer has launched a new version of its website designed to be used on mobile phones and mobile devices. This, it claims, is a first from a major UK high street retailer.

M&S’s aim with their mobile launch is to allow customers to search and make purchasing easily from any web-enabled mobile device. With more than 24,000 products available from clothing to technology, you’ll be packing quite a substantial store in you pocket.

The site, developed by Usablenet, takes M&S’s online offer away from the home and, perhaps ironically, back onto the streets.

So, will mobile shopping really take off on the UK high street?… (more…)

Drawn around town

May 19, 2010


LouLou & Tummie is a Dutch illustration duo who spend their days building an ever expanding empire of colourful graphics and characters. I love their work, it has a real playful nature – with obvious graphic influences.

Their illustration work for Art Directors Club Netherlands (ADCN) is a great example of the team’s clean, structured, well thought out visual style. Go visit their site, it’ll just make you happy.

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Drawing on a great ride for creative inspiration

May 18, 2010


Seriously, there’s nothing better for gathering your creative thoughts than getting away from it all for a day. If you subscribe to James Webb Young’s philosophy, and I do, you’ll know what I mean! For me, getting away from it all is about clipping in and heading to the hills.

I Love Dust show us their continuing passion for the power of the pedal to induce creative inspiration, with their brilliant work for the latest cover of The Ride Journal launching 27 May.

The new cover sees the fifth incarnation of this excellent journal, that continues to entertain and inspire. But, my suggestion is, once you’ve admired the great illustration and flicked some of the great articles, put it down, pick up your pedals and let the creative ideas come riding in.

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A journey to greatness

May 17, 2010


Following on from recent football flavored posts comes this ‘journey to greatness’ observation. All in good timing for the World Cup, Louis Vuitton has developed a new campaign site the brings together three of the best football players in history, for a moment (they say) the world’s been waiting for.

An Encounter With Greatness brings to life Vuitton’s current ‘journey’ concept – a defining value for the company that sees travel as an emotional experience, a process of self-discovery.

For this campaign, the leading fashion house has bought together three great players to compete in one historic game of table football. The viewer can interact by commenting on the beautifully shot action, as well as ‘directing’ the players by selecting the questions you really want to ask. Matching the innovative idea behind the campaign is the iconic imagery of the three, shot by the always amazing Annie Leibovitz.

The site itself is a wonderful addition to Vuitton’s existing ‘journey’ experience sites – Shooting Stars and A Journey Beyond.

Go! see World Cup creative

May 16, 2010

The great thing about the world coming together, unified under the single goal – to win a game of football, is that you get to see the diversity of creative expression around single subject.

This great example, directed by fla from Sticky Monster Lab for Nike Sportswear, is their take on the promotion of the beautiful game. A fun, energetic and spirited journey to the end goal. Great work.

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