March 31, 2010


Making March very much a Sid Lee month, check out their new work for Adidas Y3 2010 collection. This time of year is obviously the time for new fashion trends, which, in turn, is giving agencies a great outlet to develop some really interesting creative work.

With the Y3 collection site, Sid Lee have mixed the subtle use of depth with ‘scrollable’ video clips to really show off the clothing style and quality, whilst enhancing the sport brands ‘edgy fashion’ ethos. The site also builds upon Yohji Yamamoto’s already inimitable reputation. A great experience.

Converse shows us a new way to blog

March 30, 2010


For some time now the concept of the weblog has been changing. Back in the day (well a couple of years ago!) a ‘blog’ was one persons singular view on the world, a chance for them to comment – often rant – about their daily lives and what’s been on their mind that day. With the growth of micro-blogging sites, mainly Twitter, this type of personal ‘life view’ is fading from the blogging channel.

Today, progressive blogging is less personal comment, more personal, corporate or even community publishing system. With guest writers, invited content and stories from a blogs community members, blogging sites are becoming hubs for interconnected experiences. As these combined connections grow stronger, we’re looking for a greater depth to these relationships, an added dimension – now, ‘where we are’ is now becoming part of ‘what we say’.

The new Converse Blog created by Perfect Fools is a great example of this changing use of the blogging channel. It’s more culture magazine than company blog and really sets the standard for engaging, community led publishing systems… (more…)

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Get creative with Adidas

March 29, 2010


As you can probably tell if you’ve read some of my previous posts, I’m a big fan of Sid Lee‘s work for Adidas. With their latest creative work, they certainly don’t disappoint, this time for Adidas Style Essentials – crafted with the excellent Cartelle.

The site encourages the user to ‘paint’ their own navigational interactive journey, complete with pit stops, games and an innovative inline product catalog.

The site reinforces the ‘originality’ aspect of the brand message, with a real sense exploration and discovery. It engages the user by requiring them to be creative and fully active whilst on the site. Once the ‘journey’ has been painted on screen, the experiences found within are interesting, fun and always fully on trend. Along the way you’ll meet personalities, discover styles (with drivers to buy), go ‘behind the scenes’ and play some cool games.

Both the agencies involved in creating this site continue to produce exceptional work and are both in my favorites. As an aside I’ve just bought Sid Lee’s book Conversational Capital and judging by the first couple of chapters it looks as if it’s going to be an excellent read. They’re presenting a really fundamental idea as to what makes us, as consumers, talk about our purchasing experiences. I’ll let you know more when I’m done…

Diesel being not so stupid

March 27, 2010


As part of its Be Stupid campaign, Diesel has posted a catalogue-cum-music video online, featuring fans of the brand sourced via social media networks.

Visit the Collection site and you’ll experience the above interactive video. With its enchanting tune and engaging video, the user can interact with the ‘stupid’ characters. Mousing over the video stops its motion and allow you to ‘meet’ the dancers, discover their stories and find them online. A real completion of the brand in social network circle.

The not so stupid bit as far as Diesel are concerned – whilst your getting to know the groovy people, you get to find out what they’re wearing, how much the outfits costs and can link through to purchase the look online. The idea is to be moved by the experience, associate with the charters, then buy the style and buy into the brand. Beautifully simple, and very well done.

Want to simply see the video and find out what may have ‘influenced’ the creative dance steps? Click (more…)

Beautiful Buick

March 26, 2010


The Coolist introduces us to this beautiful 1948 Buick Streamliner by Norman E. It harks back to another era where curvaceous creative ruled and the opulence afforded the design team out stripped the needs for ecological practicality. Beautiful.

The Fox inside out

March 24, 2010


Ever wondered what your motor would look like if you turned it inside out? Check out this interesting little Flash site for the new VW Fox. They reckon the interior’s so good you’ll want to see it even from the outside.

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Originality Street

March 23, 2010
YouTube Preview Image

Check out the latest ad for Adidas Originals created by Sid Lee. It’s a street that you’d just wanna hang out in.

Face the facts

March 22, 2010


It’s an amazing story so far…

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TV 2.0 the changing face of television

March 18, 2010


How can you rewind the trend for switching off the TV and logging on to the web?

As the number of people looking for their fix of entertainment escapism from the web grows, so the TV companies viewer ratings continue to fall. Where TV was once the de facto place-to-go for your ‘sit back and get away from it all’ experience, increasingly people familiar with the interactivity of the web are looking for a richer TV experience.

Technology and the web has bought about so many revolutions in how we work, rest and play, sometimes you have the really think about what life was like only a few short years ago.

So, in an age where we control the content we receive, and are so adept at blocking out the messages we don’t want to hear – how do we switch back on the TV and enjoy the escapist experience?.. (more…)

Be the Facebook face of the Guinness Grin

March 17, 2010


Well, it wouldn’t be St Patrick’s Day without a quick mention of the black stuff…

To promote this years paddy’s day, Diageo have developed an online Facebook campaign, promoting the unifying effect of taking your first sip of the black stuff – The Guinness Grin. The campaign looks to mobilise, among others, its 72,734 fans into supporting the campaign and buying a pint. Entrants upload a photo of themselves sporting the aforementioned ‘Grin’, with the community voting on the best looking smile. The winner heads up the 2010 campaign with their face being ‘plastered’ about, both on and offline. The major pull is to be the face of the Guinness Grid Wikipedia page.

Brands are starting to capitalise on their social networking connections to greater and greater effect. With a captive, pre-qualified audiences, this type of activity is becoming a must in the marketing mix for all progressive companies looking to maximise their connections. The key to success, as always within the social media space, is to create great content that ‘means’ something to its audience.

With the news today that Facebook has overtaken Google to become the most visited site in the US, it only goes to show the growing power of social networking as a viable business marketing tool.

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