3 tips on thinking Outside the box – Skype goes for a walk

February 25, 2010


Skype have just launched their new mobile service – Skype Outside. The premise: Skype Mobile for people who need Skype when they’re out and about.

The result: not only the great Skype service, on your mobile – but also an ingenious way to communicate the concept to a technically savvy, over marketed, different seeking world.

Skype show us how thinking Outside the box can engage, inspire, and really connect with an audience. Wanna know the top tips for stronger, longer connections?… (more…)

Sid Lee

February 24, 2010


There’s some great things coming out of Canada at the moment, and I don’t just mean the Winter Olympics (have you checked out the ski cross – awesome).

Sid Lee are creating some fantastic work at the moment – check out their Adidas work. With all this good stuff, they’ve been named Ad Age finalist for ‘International Agency of the Year’. Well deserved guys. And by all accounts they’re pretty stoked about it!


February 23, 2010


Raised-in-Carolina is a new blog dedicated to music, film, culture, fashion, the arts and everything inbetween from the view point of two editors and guest writers. It has links with the Clusta family (I believe), so should be well worth checking out. Good luck to all at R-IN-C.

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Absolutely exceptional


Me & My Pen penned this lovely ad for Absolut Vodka. (for TBWA\Chiat\Day).

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No wrangling with this site

February 22, 2010


…it’s all good. Kokokaka have created another great site for Wrangler Europe’s 2010 collection. The sites lovely treatment of full screen action, set within a clean navigational system, totally captures the brands retro American feel, cut against a modernistic twist.

The site presents the 2010 collection within the plot of a three chapter story, where the user controls the actors outfits, and watched the drama unfold. It’s a lovely site, full of emotion and drama. Is Wrangler’s current use of the web making it a cooler brand than Levis?

A future fair for all?

February 20, 2010


…Is it?

Is this statement a true reflection of one political movements genuine approach to future governance? Is it something that they can truly live up to? Is this the essence of a positive equitable future, bought about by central government? Is it something that our entrusted ‘leaders’ can deliver upon?

Or, is it a headline catching, positively focused, emotionally charged ‘marketing’ message that is simple to communicate, easy to understand and sticks in the mind? (read great branding).

With the fanfare unavailing of the Labour Party election slogan “A future fair for all”, I wonder whether we have reduced our future governance to that of the persuasional power of a branding message… (more…)

Fluffy fury fun

February 19, 2010

This excellent bit of motion work won a GOLD at Promax UK Awards 2009 for Best Television Campaign – On-Air Design. Realise Studio and Universal Everything. Just a lot of fluffy fury fun.

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And the winner is…

February 18, 2010


Today sees the exhibition opening of the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year at the Design Museum. There’s some excellent work in there. My picks are the great TBWA/Hunt/Lascaris, South Africa for The Zimbabwean Newspaper – Trillion Dollar Campaign, Zimbabwe – for its ability to mix social statement in a media campaign, and the just brilliant BBC – BBC iPlayer, UK – for revolutionising the way, when and where we consume entertainment. Who’s your winner?…

And the winner is…. You’ll have to wait until 4 March, when the category winners are announced. Good Luck to all.

Slam dunk it


Juxt Interactive have created this great little game site for Sprite Slam Dunk Fan Faceoff on the NBA site. The question Juxt posed was – How do you fire up young basketball fans for the 2010 Sprite Slam Dunk contest? They answered their own question with the Fan Faceoff site that  lets you create your very own digital Dunkfan character, then cheer on the contestants in an addictive, fast-paced game. You can download your player and spread your word on your social network of choice. Great.

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Who's influencing our buying decisions?

February 13, 2010


Are brands still able to influence our purchasing decisions, in a world where we can simply asking each others advice?

Are brand messages anything more than just another ‘tweet’ on the screen? Or do they still command our attention?

If you look at the history of branding, it all started and a marque of quality. Be it Mr Kellogg’s signature on a cereal pack, the name Shaker on a packet of seeds or the word Tide on a washing powder box (you choose your brand book description). The basic premise of all branding was to tell the purchasing public that what was inside the box, was the same as they bought last time, and would always be. The same ingredient, the same quality, the same happy results.

This start to brand communications was an honest one, built around informing the emerging ‘customer’ of a standard, a guarantee, something they could trust.

Then came choice… (more…)

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