Bye buy Cadbury

January 19, 2010


Eaten up like a Cream Egg at Easter by crafty Kraft. A sad day for an iconic British brand.

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Reach for the stars

January 18, 2010


Congratulations to Domani Studios and The Martin Agency for getting FWA‘s site of the year for their excellent work on We Choose the Moon. A stunning site.

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A case for relationship marketing

January 17, 2010

A little earlier this week I had a meeting with a client about their website.

The following, covers a little of the discussion we had, and ends with a brief ‘best practice’ review snippet, that I pulled together (very quickly) for them. The aim was to further our relationship and to reinforce my message. I though I’d post it up, as someone else may find it useful. So feel free to use it as you wish…

The client in question is not unlike many other clients out there: They produce a good product; They supply a good service to their customers; They currently have a website (which they use to tell, whoever looks, about themselves); They do a little advertising and marketing; And they are looking to deliver a better website.

Now, the first thing I said at my meeting was I don’t believe, in this day and age, that you can have a meeting about a website (kinda setting the tone). Good companies don’t have effective websites, they have effective online relationships. Your website is only the place you meet.

What counts, in today’s online interactions, is what the other person has heard about you, where they’ve seen you, what you say when you talk, how attractive you offer is, and what you add to that person’s life.

In essence you don’t want to build a website, you want to build a relationship. And that’s where I started… (more…)

Happy Days

January 14, 2010


Uniqlo always seem to create great web experiences, and their little Calendar app won’t disappoint. Its fantastic use of video is playful, full of life and just makes you stare. It’ll make your day go by with a smile on your face.

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A touching experience

January 13, 2010

I’ve mentioned Razorfish – Emerging Experiences before, but thought it was well worth another visit to see how their digital world is shaping up. My findings were pretty striking…

It’s pace has been phenomenal, and it’s impact monumental. Digital is now the new reality. And the reality is this digital world is taking over.

Digital experiences have always been the domain of the office or the home. PC’s and game stations have, until now, been the guardians of such experiences. But this control of the digital platform is starting to wane. Digital is finding its wings, breaking free from its traditional tethers, and entering spaces once the reserved of the humble human… (more…)

So be quenched

January 12, 2010


Firstborn have created this beautiful site for Pepsi’s SoBe ‘Lifewater’ drinks. Firstborn state that the site’s concept is based around the theme ‘Honesty’, and they’ve managed to create a thoroughly engaging experience around this simple idea.

Through the site we’re introduced to several people talking, honestly, about their reactions to tasting the different flavors. Delivered via video clips, this makes for an entertaining, refreshing (forgive the pun!) experience, where you really do connect with the brand and its ‘customers’. Furthering this honesty concept, the site delivers SoBe World, a hub for fans of the zero inhibitions lifestyle.

All makes for a fully engaging window into the brand. And, of course, Firstborn’s excellent flash work maximises your enjoyment of the whole experience.

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Illustrating radio

January 11, 2010


Two new shows air today on the beeb. To bring them to life online, Collective were tasked to develop the respective shows supporting web pages.

To reflected the personality of the DJs as well as their new shows, illustrations were commissioned that will formulate the style of each site. Celyn Brazier was chosen for the Chris Evans site and I Love Dust was picked for Simon Mayo.

Both illustrations seem to encapsulate the personalities perfectly. Nice work.

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Search for the Yeti


Change Integrated have created this great site for the Skoda Yeti. Nice use of video, and the integration with Google maps for locational tracking really adds to the sense that you’re on the hunt for the (perhaps, soon not to be so) elusive Yeti.

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Honda's got 'Everything'

January 10, 2010

I’ve always been a massive fan of Wieden + Kennedy‘s work for Honda. Ever advert they create seems to not only magnify the products appeal, but also shows us what great advertising is all about.

Their latest campaign ‘Everything’ follows and fills past footsteps with equal erudition and style.

The film, directed by Scott Lyon, was shot over five days on a high security Spanish test track, on water and in Honda’s UK training facility – the Honda Institute. Edited by Richard Orrick, there are 972 edits over 17 video layers, making each section essentially an edit in itself. The soundtrack is ‘Atlas’ by Battles, which has been rearranged to fit to the picture and reflect the style of editing used for the advert.

W+K have created another style setting spot. It’s got interest, entertainment and with it’s singular voice over – “Everything we do goes into everything we do” – just an amazingly simple idea.

One minute of brilliant work, yet again.

Anthony Kurtz

January 9, 2010


Anthony Kurtz has created some amazing imagery. The tone of his shots tell a story in themselves. Brilliant.

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