All you need is Love (and a Starbucks Cappuccino)

January 25, 2010


Back in December 2009 people from 156 countries joined together to sing, at the same time, to raise awareness of Aids in Africa. A critical message, a good site ( Starbucks Love Project ) and, this, my way of passing it on…

BBDO and Tool have done a great job with the site, it’s attracted a good deal of attention (and some interesting renditions!!).

I always wonder if it’s a case of a multi-national company using their global reach to impact a philanthropically charged message that gets us all to act, or one looking to establish their ‘caring values’. I guess we don’t listen any more if something isn’t heavily branded!

All the same, good on Starbucks for creating the ‘voice platform’. Maybe it’ll chip away at their independent cafe-house crushing business perception!

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by____ Gavin Johnson