One team, one dream. One great way to advertise McDonald’s

January 31, 2010


McDonald’s has launched a new entertaining film-led campaign in the Nordic regions, aimed at delivering a ‘fun experience’ – reflecting what the company aims to deliver in real life. Dreaming in mono celebrates Scandinavia’s passion for winter sports.

The brilliant creation, developed by the equally brilliant Perfect Fools, sees the groundbreaking transmedia campaign grow over seven episodes, into a 60-minute media spectacle.

The campaign is delivered via TV, the website, Twitter and Facebook. In addition offers music, videos, polls, iPhone apps, a contest, monoski tech tips as well as other applications, along with opportunities to start discussions – all designed to connect people around the story. Each episode has unique content to support both the episode story and McDonald’s core values.

Is this the answer to failing mass interruption advertising techniques? If it is, this campaign connects with its cusomers on multiple levels, generates entertainment to deliver a powerful message and invites the user to participate in the story narrative. This is less interruption more inclusion – and has got to be the way forward.

Perfect in so many ways.

Preloading a new face

January 30, 2010


One of the most prolific online agencies of the last 10 years within the arts, entertainment and education sectors, Preloaded, have designed themselves a brand new face. Gone is the old TV, in is the new slick code. It’s a fresh start to their 10th year and great look. May there be many birthdays to come and many more nice things to enjoy.

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Rhys Owens

January 29, 2010


Check out Rhys Owens great character designs at Hidden Moves.

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True Nike

January 28, 2010


I love AKQA‘s new True City iPhone app for Nike. I love the identity even more. I love the negative space R – which is a great design slant on their tag ‘Make The Hidden Visible’. I don’t know who created the identity, but I love it.

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Luxury From Attik

January 27, 2010

Attik‘s ‘brand film’ for the launch of the new Lexus LFA is a piece of motion luxury. A thing of beauty – just like the car.

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BBC Winter Olympics Promo

January 26, 2010
YouTube Preview Image

RKCR/Y&R have created this great promo for the BBC’s coverage on the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Directed by Studio AKA the promo’s feeling just seems to encapsulate the grit and determination required to race gold. Fit for a winning brand.

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All you need is Love (and a Starbucks Cappuccino)

January 25, 2010


Back in December 2009 people from 156 countries joined together to sing, at the same time, to raise awareness of Aids in Africa. A critical message, a good site ( Starbucks Love Project ) and, this, my way of passing it on…

BBDO and Tool have done a great job with the site, it’s attracted a good deal of attention (and some interesting renditions!!).

I always wonder if it’s a case of a multi-national company using their global reach to impact a philanthropically charged message that gets us all to act, or one looking to establish their ‘caring values’. I guess we don’t listen any more if something isn’t heavily branded!

All the same, good on Starbucks for creating the ‘voice platform’. Maybe it’ll chip away at their independent cafe-house crushing business perception!

A lesson in shouting the big idea from CP+B

January 22, 2010


Crispin Porter + Bogusky know a thing or two about advertising brands (Google ‘subservient chicken’ and their work for Burger King, or IKEA or MINI). They know how to think up Big Honkin’ Ideas and how to get them in front of their audience.

They’re not currently the best US ad agency for nothing either, every one of their campaigns delivers on lots of levels. They drive big ideas though appropriate channels to get amazing results.

Lets take their work for Coke Zero as the basis of today’s lesson in boosting you bottom line… (more…)

Adidas – interactive wardrobe

January 21, 2010


Perfect Fools (for Riot) have created this excellent site for Adidas Women’s Training. The Fools say that ‘the site involved breaking elements out of static film footage to increase depth and presence, and turn it into an interactive 3D landscape.’

It’s a beautifully crafted site that not only engages the user, but leaves you actively wanting more. PF’s use of innovative technology sits perfectly within the subject matter. For the time you’re online, you feel total immersed in the experience, and it’s a believable one at that – sport and style (and I’d add technology) do go hand in hand.

Perfect, no foolin’.

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Good history

January 20, 2010


GT has created the excellent A History of the World for the BBC, in partnership with the British Museum. It sees the launch of a large-scale “digital museum” to promote the upcoming BBC Radio 4 series “A History of the World in 100 Objects”.

It’s a great site, intuitive to use, easy to navigate and packed full of quality content. It does a brilliant job of engaging the user on several levels, and leaves you really wanting the series to start.

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