Can design save the world?

December 31, 2009


…Well it stands a better chance than the ‘respected’ banking industry!

They say that information is power, but how powerful is information that the masses can’t understand. In our info-centric, media ravaged, statistically hungry world, we are bombarded with facts about this, updates about that, and progress reports about the other.

If information is so powerful, why have we not the strength to fix this breaking world. Do our politicians not read that powerful stuff they commission? Do the media companies not see the muscle of their data as a force for change as well as selling more papers? Do the public not feel empowered by their new found knowledge?

Or, is it that we just don’t understand the numbers – or, more probably, see the relevance of this data to our daily lives?

Pedagogy of the confused

This is where good design can help us make sense of this ‘left brain’ world. Infographics talks to the right brain, the visual side, a side that helps us all simplify the message to one that we can ‘compute’, understand and act upon.

Buying local food is one of those issues we all need to understand in order to slim down on our carbon consumption. The idea is that locally produced food cuts down on all the distance the food travels and the carbon emitted in the process.

Showing us the way, GOOD, working with design studio Always with Honor, has produced this great infographic depicting seasonal veggies in six regions across the U.S.

A complex message told well. Information design is the true pedagogy to power.

Design can change our world.

A good idea will always survive the most critical of tests, you've just got to believe in it

December 29, 2009


A great idea for a campaign for the Portuguese art community. Part of an enlightening set of illustrations by Scott Campbell. Sometimes an idea is even too big for the focus group to judge!

It's time to get social

December 28, 2009
YouTube Preview Image

“You’ve got to be in it to win it” – seems an apt adage in today’s, very social, marketplace. No longer can business buy the hearts and minds of the public. Flashing the cash means nothing in the world of social media – where truth is the only currency.

The winners are those who do what they say. But you have to remember to say what you do. Participation in social media can mean so many different things to different people, and there are so many different channels to tune into.

But the rules haven’t changed, follow these simple steps and you’ll not go far wrong… (more…)

Bob Martin

December 27, 2009


I’ve admired Bob Martin‘s work for ages. All of his work is amazing, and none more so than this fantastic shot. He just seems to captures that moment of sporting genius. Winning work.

Finish the working year with something Finnish

December 24, 2009


Check out Nokia’s Have a Finnish Christmas site. Nice use of 3D and has some very merry little features. Enjoy.

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Florian Nicolle

December 23, 2009


Florian Nicolle has got a great visual style. I love the freedom of the illustration, yet still capturing the essence of the subject. For an illustrator who can capture such emotion and passion within an image look no further. Brilliant.

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Why not, purchase at the V&A


I love the simplicity Why Not Associates has bought to the V&A retail branding. I know it’s not new, but it is a thing of simply beauty.

Are you an IKEA person?


Interesting set of ads for IKEA. Created by Tsevis.

Eugenio Recuenco

December 22, 2009


I’ve profiled Eugenio Recuenco a couple of times before and will continue to at every opportunity. He creates images that are so opulent and lavish with an attitude, style and presence that just make you stare. I find something new every time I look. Is this advertising or art?



The new site for Bioshock brilliantly mixes video of the game with 3D transitions, to deliver a great experience site that encapsulates all the feelings and emotions you get whilst playing the game. Great work by Rokkan.

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